How to deal with CORRUPT “authorities”

The DA that prosecuted me and her team is dead scared of me. They are too scared to prosecute me despite months of me sending threats to her and her closest colleagues. I’ve killed some of them already. Working on family members too. Kids, siblings, parents and more… Of course also their cowardly masters the […]? →Read more

Things are better than ever… so best

Just watching enemies cruise at 100% backfire rate. Sneak attack soon… Flash back in 2012 after I had tens of billions of intellectual property, mocked, insulted treated like a subhuman animal, medication tortured and more. Then catheter up dick and in restraints for several hours while being mocked by a Asian man fat man with […]? →Read more

Profits from trading $20K equity account in 3 months

$20K to $43K+ in 3 months. 95%+ success rate. Annualized rate over 2,000% a year. Looking to get account to $125K+ within 3 months. Below is my plans. As soon as I am off California conservatorship I plan to rent a Nevada house and setup a Nevada C Corp for 21% tax rate. I trade […]? →Read more

Public Policy: Speed Limits and Drugs Right now if you look on YouTube there are numerous people posting publicly videos of driving over 250 mph on public highways in Germany. Now this is to an extreme, average speed on derestricted autobahn is around 100 mph. Over there it is perfectly legal to do so as a majority of the freeway […]? →Read more

Conservatorship Contest Fall 2020

Basically I am fighting to get back legal ownership of myself. →Read more

Going after the puppet masters: Rothschilds

^^^ Microsoft trying to plant a Trojan on my computer through Outlook App(I use to read my and website emails). [Quran 14:22] And the devil will say, after the judgment had been issued, “God has promised you the truthful promise, and I promised you, but I broke my promise. I had no power over […]? →Read more

Authority is in wrong hands for now….

“If this Masjid had 100,000 people or more in it, and amongst them was a man from the people of the Hellfire, and he only breathes and his breath reaches them, the whole Masjid and everyone in it would burn down.” -Hadiths Exactly at the deadline I requested to get a public apology from Bill […]? →Read more

Youtube channel

Just a view of heroes and villains from different perspectives. Policy differences. German autobahn is significantly safer per mile driven than US Freeways. Even France, Austria, Belgium. Alien tech >>>> human tech.  →Read more

Enemies cruise at 100% backfire rate….

They keep on at it for 9 years, $100B+ expenses in this operation, 10,000’s of people involved, tens millions of actions… They’re screwing around with bank accounts more than ever. Casting black magic more than ever. Look, I offer mercy at times if they just back off and/or apologize. They always flout. The law of […]? →Read more