Satanic Cowards losing at record pace

Everything they throw at me instantly backfires. This is over millions of things since the Norway massacre. The enemy acts all knowing and all powerful because they hide like cowards. Allah is infinite of Satan. I have very limited internet access because of some issues with Indian authorities. This is the final stretch before judgement ... Read More

Capital Crimes: Islamic Law vs Satanic Law

According to the Quran the following are capital crimes: 1. Corruption 2. Black magic 3. Inventing lies about Allah 4. Religious persecution of a Muslim The United States, Satanic Bloodlines and more have been doing these activities towards me innumerable times(like thousands of times a day). They continue to do these and play victim when ... Read More

11th imprisonment soon

Things are heating up. Satanists are planning to hospitalize me for refusing to worship the Devil. Watch news closely. Muslims are getting ready to mobilize. I can telepath with mahdi, Allah, aliens and more. Everything the enemy does backfires. Effort vs result and law of large numbers. Allah is infinite of satan.

Everything the enemy does instantly backfires…

So basically, the last 4 years I have been cursing Bill Coward Gates over 30 man years per second. The Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Seattle Cafe Racer, Wisconsin Sikh temple, Wisconsin brewery, Krishna Rajaram, Seattle flyer, Virginia Tech, Maine, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles dance studio incidences and more indicate that Bill Gates will murder suicide ... Read More

Cowards losing at record pace…

Everyday they mock me 100’s of times behind cover identities and anonymous names. Every time my enemies use a cover identity or anonymous name, that is a weakness on their part. When they delete that identity, it is even further showing weakness. In 4 days, the British Royal Family has announced a third person getting ... Read More

Allah is infinite of Satan

So basically, high-level Satanists are being cursed with terminal illnesses. There are roughly 2000 high-level Satanists. Most of them are very elusive and secretive. About 1000 Rothschilds, 500 Rockefellers and 500 others. I recently cursed the British royal family with terminal illnesses. King Charles and Princess Catherine are now hospitalised. Their health situation is a ... Read More

The power of prayer

Over the last 6 years, in response to growing persecution, I have started praying significantly. My prayer particularly started after the Ritika Dutta cases. Until then, I pretty much never prayed. As a result of her cases I was imprisoned for 3 years. My spirit has rapidly accelerated towards infinity from the cases, when the ... Read More

Japan earthquake and airliner crash

Okay, so the last time we had such a major earthquake in Japan was in March 2011. 2 months before I joined the Dukascopy Trader Contest and started breaking records in FX trading. I believe this is a sign that soon I will start to do public miracles soon. The Japan airliner crash was rather ... Read More