Rahul K. Ghosh

Jesus Christ(Prophethood/Kingship starting “soon”). Most written about person in the Bible and Quran.


Date of Birth: October 5, 1990 (Los Angeles, CA)

Current Location: Kolkata, India

Citizenship: United States

Youtube channel:

Standardized Test Scores:

Scholastic Aptitude Test: 97th percentile at age 14(99th percentile Math, 91 percentile Verbal)

Medical College Admissions Test: 97th percentile at age 16(99.9th percentile Physical Sciences, 95th percentile Biological Sciences, 70th percentile Verbal Reasoning)

Law School Admission Test: 95th percentile at age 17

Article by me:

Singularity: The Coming Age of Artificial Intelligence and Full Immersion Virtual Reality


Article about me:


I received a BS in Biochemistry from UCLA in 2008 at the age of 17. I first started studying markets at the age of 9. I started paper trading forex at the age of 15. At the age of 18 was when I opened my first trading account to trade currencies live. Previously I was a trader but now I am just an investor and scientist. I am working on building quantum computers, super conductors, artificial food, brain computer interface, spaceships, catalysts, exotic energy, exotic materials, full immersion virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robots and more. I am looking to increase per capita GDP of the human civilization to above Googol dollars by the end of 2024. I want to end all poverty, sickness and death.

On the Dukascopy Trader Contest between the ages of 20 and 28 I posted over 1,000 trade calls and my average performance was in the 90th+ percentile per trade. My overall performance was over 12 standard deviations above the mean. To put into perspective, the odds of getting such a high success rate over so many trades is like winning the lottery jackpot 100+ times in a row. The deviation from the mean on my performance compared to other traders is like scoring perfect on the SAT’s under the age of 10. That is why no one over 10,000 traders in 8+ years came within 3 standard deviations of my performance.

Have won the Dukascopy Trader Contest 4 times. June 2011, July 2011, September 2011, September 2014(No one else has won more than once)

Number one(out of 15000+ traders) in PnL(3.9M PnL) on Dukascopy Contest over Contest History.

Number one(out of 15000+ traders) in Pips(19004 pips) on Dukascopy Contest over Contest History.

On 5X leverage my returns on the Dukascopy contest are 557% over 27 months(6.57X)

Avg 144% Return per month over 27 months on Dukascopy Contest.

Winner of 6 month Performance Signal Provider Grand Prix September 2014.

Top 1% in PnL during year 2014 on Dukascopy Contest.

Set the record for most equity within a given month at 1,650,986.36 (September 2011).

Set the record for most pips within a given month at 6623 (September 2011).

Won CNBC Contest Week 1 in 2011. #1 out of over million portfolios 

Dukascopy Trader Contest Interview July 2011

Dukascopy Trader Contest Performance Leaders on 5X Leverage