11th imprisonment soon

Things are heating up a little bit. I am sensing that I will be imprisoned soon. The Iranians will soon publicly support me. Iran will soon have a new President and Foreign Minister. I killed their previous President and Foreign Minister in May because they took bribes from Satanists and refused to publicly support me. ... Read More

Ritika Dutta services…

I was held on 1157 days of prison credits for committing Penal Code 646 of California statute against Ritika Dutta, Shamik Mascharak and Srijita Sarkar. Penal Code 646 states that anyone who annoys another person can be held for up to 6 years in prison. I wanted to note at no point did I ever ... Read More

Raisi helicopter crash

The Raisi helicopter crash is related to Kobe Bryant death, Flight 1380, Da Vinci Code movie, San Bernardino massacre, Ray Kurzweil and Sandy Hook massacre. I have a update to when Judgement Day takes place. It will take place at any point before I turn 34(October 5, 2024). Anyways, things are going very well. I ... Read More