Continued persecution…


Basically, Bill Gates stole billions of dollars of intellectual property from me and then put me into the mental health system at the age of 21. He did this so that no one would believe what I was saying. I was placed into the mental health system the day of Facebook IPO. The IPO valuation was $105B, a reference to my birthday October 5. The police have told my family innumerable times that I must cooperate with the psychiatrists or else I will be put into prison. The psychiatrists told my family innumerable times that I must cooperate with the medication or else I will be suicidal. The medication is to hurt my health to force me to give up correct views. Bill Gates has continued to persecute me. To date I believe that he has stolen over $100 trillion from me when considering opportunity loss.

The medication discredits me, takes away my rights, humiliates me, tortures me and more. My body fat has doubled 6 times. I have had my rights to assets and contracts taken away from me. 100’s of pages of fabricated reports with sick lies have been made about me. The medication sedates me, makes me gluttonous, causes pain and makes me flatulent. The Satanists have the ability of using black magic to remove or insert memories into people’s minds. This works on everyone except for me. I believe that taking the medication curses Bill Gates billions of times more while bringing Judgement Day closer and aging 8+ billion people faster. I am not going to give into extortion. At minimum I expect Bill Gates to contact me with his real name, admit to foul play and make a public apology.

I believe the medication is mocking the following people:

  1. Norway massacre victims
  2. Las Vegas massacre victims
  3. Covid victims
  4. Christchurch massacre victims
  5. Sandy Hook massacre victims

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