Business Plan

Wanted to share this with people to help them out. Make tens of billions from under $1,000,000 investment within 5 years.

Trump case comments

The case against Trump is a joke. It makes it look like the USA legal system is fair. The truth is both Trump and the DA worship the Devil. Everything is being scripted. The truth is the top 10,000 people in World should be charged with murder, terrorism, espionage, treason, bribery, stalking, stealing, war crimes, ... Read More

$50+ Trillion Business Plan

I wanted to show a business plan I prepared. I have better plans I keep to myself. Anyways, it should safely be able to turn $10M seed capital into a $100 trillion+ business within 10 years. I have funding available for this plan. But there are issues with satanists. Particularly the regulators, prime brokers and ... Read More

The cowards are getting more cowardly…

So basically the Satanists used to love putting mocking, insulting and threatening things onto my Facebook since 2012. I decided to stop using Facebook newsfeed since then. Now recently they have been adding me to prayer groups and having Africans send threatening, mocking and insulting things to my iPad and iMac. Now they are running ... Read More

Flush long blue chip financials

Massive shakeout and selling climax. Aggressively accumulate blue chip financials. Supply exhaustion. Strong hands buying. Stopping volumes and no supply.