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The cowards keep getting more cowardly

So basically about a 1000 Rothschilds have about $300 trillion in wealth. They control all the central banks, media, governments, corporations, courts and more. They are responsible for all the recessions, terrorist attacks and wars. They formed and love Israel. All the billionaires, politicians and celebrities worship them. All of the elite are dead scared ... Read More

Short VZ

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Short NFLX

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The enemy is getting dumber at an accelerating pace…

Everything the enemy does, they think at the moment it will work. That is why they do it. But every single thing they have thrown at me over the last 12 years has thoroughly backfired. This is out of millions of things. Since the Norway massacre, the enemies have been doing everything possible to force ... Read More

Showing the Jews a REAL Holocaust Congratulating Hamas on the hit since last Saturday. Mahdi called in the attack. Anyways, I get happy when Israeli Jews are killed, captured or injured. I am super happy. Muhammad said there will be a global genocide of Jews before I become King of the World. I am looking to feeding dog shit and ... Read More

Short MRTX

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How I would run the USA(updated)

Firstly I would eliminate all taxes and impose a 2% wealth tax, $3 per gallon gas tax and 10% VAT. I would abolish the Federal Reserve. I would eliminate psychiatry, speed limits, gun laws, drug laws. I would limit military expenditure to 1% of GDP(75% cut from current levels). I would have $20K per year ... Read More