5 years since San Mateo arrest…


When they arrested me on September 14 2018, I knew that everything the enemy would do will backfire. And indeed it did. They arrested me when Hurricane Florence made landfall. The only person I know to work for the San Mateo DA office was also the only person with the name Florence. This implied a trillion to one odds statistically for familiarity of elements. Just based on this it implied 99.9999999999% chance I kill the San Mateo DA’s. The person who filed the case Ritika Dutta, I was released from Juvenile Hall on her 10th birthday. Adding this to the Hurricane Florence issue implied 99.999999999999999% chance I kill the San Mateo DA’s. The Rothschild’s have $200 trillion+ and are hiding behind their tiny pawns Ritika Dutta, Shamik Mascharak, Srijita Sarkar, Amelia Diedrich(San Mateo DA), Aaron French(Santa Clara DA). The case was the biggest joke ever. They were trying to pull off a big lie and big giant bluff.

They wanted to crash my spirit, instead it rapidly accelerated to infinity. In the hospitals, jail, rehab I read scripture and prayed all day. Basically the Rothschilds were having numerous government offices and jurisdictions oppose each other in the cases. They did this to act like there was no conspiracy. They were trying to hold me as long as possible without trial. I remember when my parents posted $100,000 San Mateo bond the Sheriffs fabricated that I said at a bail bond hearing that I would kill a bunch of people. The truth is I never had a bail bond hearing and never said that I would kill a bunch of people at a bail bond hearing. Based on the fabrications by the Sheriffs I was held for 600 days despite posting bond. My rights to contracts and assets were taken away and my body fat was doubled through torture medications. I was sexually harassed thousands of times and I was threatened, mocked, insulted significantly.

The psychiatrists are given 100% credibility despite the fact they have gotten hundreds of prognosis wrong in a row. I am given 0% credibility despite the fact I have gotten hundreds of prognosis correct in a row. I wanted to show a chart of major stocks since my arrest. TSLA was the best performer by a far margin. Elon Musk power level is 7 like mine. 7 represents Allah. AMZN was the worst performer. Jeff Bezos power level is 6. 6 represents Satan. Anyways, I struck back with the virus and numerous surges. On the day Michael Makhinson and Michael Sussinian filed for my conservatorship, Hurricane Michael formed. This implied I kill the psychiatrists at Judgement Day. The factor is 99.999999% certainty from this event. In combination with other events, global events show with statistical certainty that I will win to 99.999999999999999999999% chances. Anyways, the enemy thinks they can go to Paradise by being as wicked as possible.

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