5B man years damage to Bill Gates


Actuarially the virus is doing over 5 billion man years damage so far. I believe this is a sign that Bill Gates is cursed at least 5B man years. The virus was released by aliens on my order in response to my persecution. Let’s just go over the value of 5B man years to Bill Gates.

Right now his net worth is about $100B. It goes up about $4B a year over inflation over the last 3 years. That is a return of about 4% above inflation.

5B man years damage damage to Bill Gates. Above inflation monetary damage:

Linear model=2e19

Exponential model=1e80,000,000+

Accelerating model=1e500,000,000,000+

At minimum we should see Accelerating model in my opinion. One thing to note, I expect that within 3 years economic growth will go to above quadrillion fold a year(roughly 15 extra digits a year). Also, if quantum computers can have stable qubits on subatomic particles that would allow for computing power beyond trillion digits CPS. The value of that much computer power today is worth in the billions of digits of dollars. I should note that my estimates are that I am doing about 3 million+ man years of damage onto Bill Gates each day. That is equivalent to an extra 300 million+ orders of damage a day under Accelerating model. I should note the Bible and Quran says Bill Gates and his followers go to Hell for infinite torment and suffering.

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