6000 hours prayer credits


So far I estimate I have about 6000 hours of prayer credits. I am right now getting prayer credits at a pace of about 600+ hours a month. I get extra prayer credits from chanting and violations of my free will from the enemy(imprisonment, stealing, black magic, humiliation, torture). I have done the following through prayer:

  1. Made $900 billion+ intellectual property.
  2. Done $60 trillion+ actuarial damage on the public(Virus damage from lost production/education/recreation, 250 million people with permanent organ damage and 25+ million premature deaths).
  3. Aged Satanists over $1.8 quadrillion+.

The magical number is 10000 hours prayer credits which I will hit by October 2023. The value of going to Paradise and avoiding Hellfire is considered above the Earth weight gold. That means every second of prayer is valued at above $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Roughly millions times global GDP. My statistical models indicate hurricanes, solar flares, interstellar objects and pandemics are related to my life above a 99.9999999999999% certainty. I believe the efficacy of prayer goes up at an accelerating pace. However from a linear extrapolation we get that each hour of prayer credits does the following:

  1. $150M+ intellectual property
  2. $10B+ damage on the public
  3. $300B+ damage from aging of Satanists

I wanted to talk a bit about the differences between Judgement Day in Christianity and Islam:

In Islam, the arrival of the Second Coming of Christ(me) is a sign that Judgement Day is coming. At Judgement Day, Jews are oppressed by Muslims according to the Hadiths. Muslims will be hunting down Jews such that Jews will be hiding behind trees and stones. My death will be on Judgement Day and that will trigger the Hour of Judgement along with Day of Resurrection.

In Christianity, the Second Coming of Christ doesn’t come until Judgement Day. At Judgement Day, the Jews are oppressing Christians. These two premises are a clear cut contradiction with Islam. I believe personally that Islam is the true religion. This is supported by the fact the Islam has the highest cumulative prayer strength and is the fastest growing religion by a far margin.

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