Bill Gates is a broken man


I believe Bill Gates will have a mental breakdown after his kids die. He will die by murder suicide in June 2022. This is supported by the Indianapolis massacre, Wisconsin massacre, Santa Barbara massacre, Las Vegas massacre, Virginia Tech massacre, Krishna Rajaram shooting, Sandy Hook massacre and Cafe Racer massacre. Bill Gates is the unluckiest, most selfish, most foolish and dumbest person ever. Greater the pride, greater the fall. He spent all of his life working 80 hour weeks to be the most respected person in the World. He achieved that status for more than a decade and then will die to be the most hated person ever. People will realize he is behind all the terrorist attacks and wars. He hates Allah and worships Satan. He thinks he can beat Allah when Allah controls every action, thought and perception he has. He is controlled resistance to Allah. I should note Putin is controlled resistance to the West. Putin is controlled by the West. Even Melinda French(his former wife) is controlled resistance to Bill Gates. Bill Gates slept with many underage girls and Melinda French knows about it. The reason they had the divorce was cause they believed that would lower the chances I would evil eye curse the Gates kids. Melinda French still worships Bill Gates as the Anti-Christ. By the way, Bill Gates ordered the Jeffrey Epstein hit.

On January 18, 2022 Microsoft acquired Blizzard for $68.7 billion. I wanted to note this was a move to ramp up black magic on my family. I played Blizzard games for thousands of hours as a kid. Blizzard is my favorite games producer ever. I played all their games over the years. They may be planning a TikTok acquisition soon to ramp up black magic. The LinkedIn acquisition for $26.4 billion on John Nash’s 88th birthday was also targeted towards me. I should note the Satanists continue to get more wicked. I clearly said stop the black magic. But they are accelerating it. The black magic always backfired on them and they still do it. The medication torture, imprisonment, cheating, stealing, mocking and insulting always backfired. But they still do it. They think I will give up my belief in Allah, pray less, or lower my demands if they harass me. But it is evident over the years the opposite has been happening. Yet they still continue at it. They wanted me to like the Anti-Christ, Satan, Devil, Satanists, Israel along with hate Muslims, religious people, Christians, religion, prophets, God. They have spent significant efforts and resources and gotten the absolute opposite reaction they wanted. Effort versus result shows their operation has been a total failure.

Santa Clara, Los Angeles and San Mateo are playing hardball over small verbal violations. Team Crescent will play hardball over severe violations. Contempt of Allah, contempt of Prophets, contempt of the Universe, contempt of humanity, contempt of Islam and many more. The Satanists are getting more wicked at an accelerating pace. Before I would have been happy with just them returning .1% of what they stole from me. Now if they even give me $300 trillion, central banks and governments, that won’t make me happy. I want the wicked to be dead and exterminated. Beyond that I want them to suffer and be tormented eternally. The San Mateo case brought on a whole new level of wickedness. Then they went forward with the Los Angeles and Santa Clara cases bringing on a higher level of wickedness. The low level district attorneys and witnesses brought so much trouble onto the Satanists. The Rothschilds thought Ritika Dutta was a blessing to them. But she will turn out to be their biggest nightmare. The Rothschilds have been blinded by Allah. They can’t see the future at all. Before the San Mateo arrest on September 14 2018 they said I wouldn’t last past 16 days. So far I have lasted 1274 days and my spirit has gone up 10,000,000,000,000,000,000%+.

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