Corona stands for Coronation of Christ


“When they became oblivious to warnings, We showered them with everything they desired. But just as they became prideful of what they were given, We seized them by surprise, then they instantly fell into despair!”


Coronavirus indicates that Bill Gates is being cursed with 5 billion+ man years of damage from the Ritika Dutta cases. Assuming I am cursing my enemies billion+ times more, that means each minute of imprisonment for me is like imprisoning Bill Gates for 2000 years. 1 billion minutes is 2000 years. The enemies think they can win by being as wicked as possible and lying as big as possible. I am immune to “big lie” tactics. The virus is continuing to do actuarial damage at a pace of 2+ million man years a day. Bill Gates values each man year at above 10 billion dollars. Every day I am cursing Bill Gates in excess of 20 quadrillion dollars(30 times Global wealth). The coward keeps disparaging all his family and friends with his cowardly tactics. Allah is infinite of Satan. There will not be an atom of injustice at Judgement Day. Everyone will be rewarded and punished fairly.

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