The cowards keep getting more cowardly


So basically about a 1000 Rothschilds have about $300 trillion in wealth. They control all the central banks, media, governments, corporations, courts and more. They are responsible for all the recessions, terrorist attacks and wars. They formed and love Israel. All the billionaires, politicians and celebrities worship them. All of the elite are dead scared of them. The Rothschilds are Satan’s family. My family is Allah’s family. The Rothschilds are dead scared of my family. Allah is infinite of Satan according to scripture. So far in the last 13 years I have prematurely killed several hundred Rothschilds, aged them $500 trillion+ and killed all their dogs through white magic and evil eye curses. They act all knowing and all powerful cause they hide like cowards behind cover identities, anonymous names, coward pawns, $2 badges and black magic. Everything they do instantly backfires. Recently they sent an anonymous name to make fun of my skin color, my race and talk highly about Israel.

Look at the below images I provide. By the way, the main Rothschild is the Devil who according to the Bible and Quran is the primary opponent of Allah and primary proponent of Satan. Charles de Rothschild is the Devil and from the London branch of Rothschilds. The aliens told the Rothschilds around the Norway Massacre that if they were to try to hurt the bone or flesh of me or my family, the aliens would instantly turn hostile and enforce my family’s rule over the planet. The Bible and Quran predict I send the Rothschilds for infinite torment and suffering in Hell before I become King of the World. The Rothschilds continuously disparage themselves with their cowardly tactics. They have been trying to crash my spirit the last 13 years. Instead my spirit has rapidly accelerated to infinity. They are hiring tens of thousands of people to convince my family that they were never involved and that I imagined everything.

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