Cowardly satanists losing at rapidly accelerating pace…


Everything they do instantly backfires. It is 4194 days after the Norway Massacre. They throw thousands of things each day at me. Each one thoroughly backfires. Anyways, I am offering a new timeline for Judgement Day. Anytime between March 9, 2024 and October 5, 2024. This is confirmed by the movies Twelve Years a Slave, Count of Monte Cristo and The Family Man along with the death of Carrie Fisher and Wisconsin February 26 2020 shooting. Before Judgement Day, I will have full wisdom hair, my family will be completely Muslim and I will do public miracles. Muslims will hunt down Jews globally and Bill Gates’s family will be dead before Judgement Day.

The virus has been a massive success. The virus is doing on average over $500,000 damage per second(24/7) since March 2020. Total actuarial damage so far is clocking in around $50 trillion+. Primary causes of damage:

  1. 30 million premature deaths
  2. 300 million people with permanent organ damage
  3. $100B+ lost production per week

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