Cowards cruising on 100% backfire rate….


So basically the enemies are surging black magic in an attempt to crash my spirit. They are continuing to mock me on Facebook. I have sources that the Satanists are spending around Billion dollars a day hiring 10 million people to cast black magic on my family in India. Anyways, everything they are throwing is instantly backfiring. Anyways, recently a flight did an emergency landing in Kolkata. The numbers for take off and landing times were Zuckerberg’s birth. Flight number was power level of Gates and Zuckerberg. It basically indicates that the Anti-Christs are the source of the black magic. 1 in 100,000 chance. Anyways I have been going through the math. I have lost about $14 trillion from intellectual property theft. But it made me vastly more religious. The Satanists keep mocking pandemic and mass shooting victims. Anyways, looking to make googols soon. Feel really happy.

I have been looking through solar flare records and have found that on days with top 2% influence in my life there is a 20,000% higher chance of a major solar flare. Solar flares are based on 100,000 year old energy flows from the core of the Sun. Each solar flare releases around quadrillion dollars of energy. There is about 6 of these of interest showing 10^18 probability that solar flares are based on my life events. That basically means everything in my life is predestined years beforehand. This is exactly what Muhammad said 1400 years ago.

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