Enemies continuing at 100% backfire rate…


Okay so basically, I was in a huge argument/debate with Gates and Rothschild agent Justin Le Blanc on email(Team Google witnessed this). Justin Le Blanc kept on spewing false shit like… “You’re weak at math”, “You’re a loser”, “You’re weak at trading”, “You’re sick”, “You’re ugly”, “I am the best to ever been and will be”, “I am always correct” and other stuff. I thoroughly crushed him in argument in debunking all the degrading things he said about me and totally proved that he talked like a fool. I responded to his false statements by saying correct statements. He started threatening to contact my family and authorities about harassing emails. Anyways, this behavior is admitting that he lost the argument/debate against me and has to go on an unfair route. He is acting like a kindergartener sandbox crybaby for such tactics. Another thing, such behavior implies that Gates and Rothschild are behind the 3 criminal cases with 25 felony charges against me involving harassing emails. I wanted to note that essentially he is threatening to limit my free will based on lies. Everything the enemy has done over the last 11 years has backfired. This particularly includes limiting my free will based on lies. The goal of the enemy over the last 11 years has been to crash my spirit. Every time they limited my free will whether it be through black magic, stealing, medication, imprisonment, therapy or torture, it backfired on them. Such actions led to my spirit growth accelerating. They have done this 1,000’s of times over and each time it thoroughly backfires on them. So far in the last 11 years my spirit has gone up 10,000 quadrillion fold when my enemies expected it would crash. The enemies have absolutely zero credibility in my eyes. One more thing I wanted to point out about Justin Le Blanc. The two dates he sent the most insults to me were October 15, 2014 and January 26, 2015. Those are respectively, 4 and 5 years before Paul Allen’s and Kobe Bryant’s deaths. 4 and 5 are also Gates and Zuckerberg power levels. I was last released from jail when Justin Le Blanc turned 45.666 years old or 548 months(his birthday is April 8th).

I wanted to note that essentially I am fighting a war of attrition with the wicked. In a war of attrition, every loss the enemy takes is my gain. So far I would say I haven’t taken any losses, I keep getting stronger and stronger at an accelerating pace as time progresses. I am getting smarter, more spiritual and becoming a better person. My enemies have taken heavy losses however. They keep getting more cowardly, wicked, stupid and desperate at an accelerating pace. The fact they are proposing this recent maneuver of having Justin Le Blanc contact family/authorities shows my enemies are losing it. The Bible, Quran, Jesus and Muhammad say that prayer is Satan’s number one enemy. I completely agree with that claim. I used to have marijuana addictions, cigarette addictions, alcohol addictions, sweets addictions and soda addictions. I have overcame all of those with praying. My intelligence and trading ability is rapidly increasing with prayer. My studies show that for every hour I pray I am bringing Judgement Day a day closer and my enemies live a day less. I wanted to point out that collectively wicked people make about $200 billion a day. So for every hour of prayer I do, I do over $200 billion dollars of damage on wicked people. At the same time I am causing excessive damage on my enemies, I am also causing massive improvement for myself and the righteous. So praying is a win-win scenario with many reinforcing benefits. I estimate initially it took me over 3,000 days to increase my spirit quadrillion fold. By the end of June it will take less than a millisecond to increase my spirit quadrillion fold. By the way one thing I wanted to note, I have already massively increased my white magic and evil eye curses on the Satanists through talking to Justin Le Blanc.

Anyways, I should note my parents have recently been a bit mad at me. The Rothschilds keep accelerating black magic on my parents to all time highs courtesy of the Blizzard acquisition. My parents don’t like it when I talk about my troubles with authorities back in the United States. They don’t like it when I talk about the Satanic bloodlines, Illuminati, Holocaust, 9/11 and my views on Israel. They don’t like it when I quote the Quran or Muhammad. They don’t like it when I pray excessively in front of other people. An example, sometimes my relatives ask me why I won’t return back to the United States. I say things like… “I am facing 50 years in state prison.” This is the number one thing that pisses off my parents. For one thing, the Quran says that at end times authority is in wicked hands and justice seekers and prophets will be persecuted. Beyond that, it is accepted in the Muslim world that the United States is Great Satan. Anyways, my parents are just misled. Scripture even states that the Satan will lead astray the masses except for Allah’s closest servants at end times. My relatives are very misled by Satan. They think Muslims are behind 9/11, the Holocaust took place and that America is the best nation in the World. The truth is Jews are behind 9/11, the Holocaust is a myth and America is the most evil nation in the World. My parents keep pointing out that people are laughing at me for being religious. I point out to them in the end I will have the final laugh when they see aliens land and enforce my rule as King of the World. I think I live the best life ever. People should consider where Jesus, Muhammad and Moses were at when they were my age. They were persecuted and rejected by the majority. Now they are the most worshiped people ever.

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