Enemies continuing cruise at 100% backfire rate….


The Satanists are far more wicked than the general public can ever fathom someone can be. Satanists enjoy being as wicked as possible cause the public wouldn’t believe it and regard all such claims as a crazy “conspiracy theory”. The Satanists love to portray innocence to the public. It is well beyond the general public understand how the innocent Bill Gates and Warren Buffett played roles in killing many people. The Satanists all have multiple personality disorder. Let me make this clear, the coronavirus damage will be at least 10,000 times beyond the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Yet the Satanists don’t show the absolute slightest sense of remorse. They just keep getting more wicked by the second. The Satanists are continuously ramping up black magic along with sending people my way trying to make me look crazy. The TikTok acquisition by Microsoft seems to be playing out very similar to the LinkedIn and Skype acquisition. They are using some form of Satanic energy from these platforms to increase the strength of their black magic. I should note the LinkedIn acquisition happened on John Nash’s date of birth and the price being Jenn Gates’s date of birth. Just after the acquisition completed the Ava Lynn correspondence came into play where she was trying to fabricate I’m a John Nash.

I estimate that currently my spirit is at least 1,400,000% stronger than at the start of the operation the Satanists started against me. That is about 14,000X fold. They’ve failed at least 98% through the way with a 100% backfire rate assuming October 23, 2020 is the latest date Judgement Day can go down. On a linear basis the chances of them winning is less than 1 in 700,000. On an exponential basis it is far less than 1 in all the subatomic particles within the visible universe(10^80). I don’t get what these crack pots are thinking where literally every fucking day they wake up and go to sleep seeing that everything they do fails. No one has been willing to give written/recorded proof of corruption on the part of the authorities or high-level Satanist involvement. Such evidence would be the number one blow to their operation. I wanted to show below a chart of my estimated spirit growth since early 2012. I’ll be honest I don’t believe in fortune telling unless it is done by a Prophet. Fortune telling is prohibited in the Bible and Quran. The Satanists have access to the “best” fortune tellers out there yet they have failed on everything against me.

The Satanists are making their last stance. They are relying on wishful thinking and hope. They can’t bare to consider that centuries of wickedness and God hating will lead them to eternal torment and suffering. They think they can brute force gamble their way to victory. They see cowardice, $2 badges, pawns and stealing as a source of power. They truly have low self-esteem to fight a guerrilla warfare against a one man army(me). The Gambler’s Fallacy status in their campaign them keeps on growing as each minute passes. The Law of Large Numbers is continuing to show that nothing can beat God. Waging war against God, the master and creator of the Universe is absolutely futile. God is all-knowing, all-powerful and all-knowing. God knows what has been, what currently is and what will be. Satanists rely mostly on people’s ignorance and if that doesn’t work they rely on bribery. Then if bribery doesn’t work they rely on one’s fear. The scripture states that the vast majority will be deceived by Satan except a few of God’s chosen servants. It’s clear cut we’re in Tribulation. Record fires in the USA and Australia, record locusts in Africa, record police brutality protests, largest natural disaster ever and other things.

Spirit Chart since 2012(factor):

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