Enemies cruise at 100% backfire rate


The irony of things is that the 35K people of Menlo Park are the ones that harassed me the most out of 7.8B+ people in the world. Yet Menlo Park was the one to prosecute charges against me, order my detainment, investigate me and arrest me for “harassing others”. This is an utter joke. The person I hold among the most resentment for is Zuckerberg. Anyways I keep thinking to myself when I have Zuckerberg and his family in my custody what should I do to them? Teach his family some “respect” in front of him or teach him some “respect” in front of his family. Zuckerberg is a very selfish person, that’s why he gets along well with the Devil, they keep their selfishness to further the goals of their posse at everyone else’s expense. After teaching some “respect”, what do I do with the CRUCIFIED bodies? Should I display them naked, how much fat to inject, how much muscle to remove, how much height to take off are questions that are to be asked. I know this sounds like I am going overboard, but I literally gave an innumerable amount of warnings and the Satanists just kept at it. Zuckerberg seems to be the one most arrogant yet cowardly and loves to flout my warnings. Anyways, I also consider Bill Gates and his family along with other high-level Satanists to be comparable in culpability as Zuckerberg in the operation against me.

I was initially put into the mental health system on Facebook IPO day after showing no interest in Jenn Gates and evil eye cursing Rothschild’s dog Otto to die. The market cap of the IPO priced at my date of birth. They kept on doing things to keep in fear in 2012, though that mostly went away after the mobilization of Muslims in September 2012. The climax of the events, my torture, humiliation and imprisonment came within a day of Facebook stock making it’s all time bottom in September 2012. They continue doing the waves of uplifting and degrading. After each wave failed, out of hundreds, they keep at it expecting this time it will be different. One minute they portray me as a messiah the next minute a monkey. They keep hiding critical evidence and continue to contribute to falsehood that would settle questions about my “mental stability”. They have shown time upon time that they are dishonest, untrustworthy and evil. About this virus, it appears to be wiping out a decade long at least in savings of over 7.8B on this planet. Yet they still have the nerve to mock me with posts accusing me of schizophrenia, disabled, monkey, loser, ugly, short, poor, lazy, fat and other things. These people are the enemies of humanity, God and justice. They feel no remorse for their misdeeds but instead just keep getting wickeder and wickeder. 

My dad has absolutely no idea what’s going on. FBI, police, sheriff, psychiatrists, nurses and many others have been feeding lies to him for years. He doesn’t understand the sophistication of this operation involving thousands of people and the implications of my Prophethood and bloodline for the World. He is also most effected by black magic because he doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t have anywhere as close spirit strength as me. Beyond that, he accepts money from Satanists through his business which makes him more under the influence of Satanists. He even still uses Windows and Microsoft Edge. When on demonic possession he keeps saying things like Rothschild is homeless, black con man or 99 cent store worker. Obviously, I take that as an insult I was tortured, humiliated, cheated, detained, mocked, insulted and treated very unfairly. I take it as a grave insult to insist I am conned by some low-level person and that my ill-treatment over 8 years is an imagination. I consider myself to be in top millionth of the population in terms of mental well-being, mental stability, seeing reality, being rational, psychology, beliefs and spirit. He suggests that because I was “young” at the time I was conned and that Rothschild is just shifting blame onto Bill Gates. For one thing, Rothschild never put any blame on Bill Gates. However, if Bill Gates never hacked my computer I wouldn’t have dealt with Rothschild. Beyond that, afterwards Bill Gates used his platforms(Windows, Skype) to massively harass me afterwards.

Another thing, why would Rothschild be homeless or work at a 99 cent store if he can “con” people out of hundreds of thousands easily? He conned me and “friend” Peter Ji(he was actually Rothschild’s agent who they sent my way in Summer 2011 in preparation for the operation of turning everyone against me) along with others of $500K in a week. It takes over 20 years to make that much money at the 99 cent store. Beyond that, my dad ignores all other evidence citing “imagination” or “coincidence”. I point out it is a 1 in 3,000+ chance Rothschild only called me within 24 hours of Facebook IPO(which was priced at my birthday, October 5th, $105B market cap) and when I was put into the mental health system. He ignores Rothschild knew about Rothschild Inc being involved in American Airlines bankruptcy 3 weeks before it was known publicly. Beyond that, Rothschild knew court rulings would be in the favor of American Airlines. Rothschild made the call publicly with my date of birth in the share number and it was bar far his best call(and only with my date of birth) out of 50+ calls. American Airlines went up over 1,000% over the next 3 years. Another thing, I noted that Rothschild significantly changed his profile since 2012 removing his original photos and tries to blatantly look like a con man. When my dad loses an argument against me he then cites his Ph.D, age in 60’s and/or that I will realize 50 years down the road he is correct as proof that he is correct.

On another note, the Beirut blast happened the same day as Warren Buffet’s oldest sister Norris Buffett dying. She died when she was 33777 days old. That day, August 4th, is also the 50% point between May 6(date of release) and November 3(date of end of Satanism) this year. The magnitude of the explosion is estimated by United States at 3.3. The number of gigajoules released by the explosion ends with Warren Buffets date of birth(August 30th, explosion was 4830 gigajoules. One thing to point out Dorris Buffett is 2 days 6 months 36 years older than Melinda Gates. The Beirut port reopened 11 years before my brother-in-laws date of birth and 30 years before my first Facebook photo. My brother-in-laws first Facebook photo was on the same date as mine(December 15, 2006… his 19th birthday). The photo ID for his first profile pictures has Rory Gates’s date of birth and photo ID for mine is Jenn Gates’s date of birth. My brother in law married my sister when Jenn Gates turn 18.66 years old, Satanic numbers. Anyways, if the Buffetts are so philanthropic why don’t they tell their master Rothschild’s to stop hoarding money and destroying global productivity with their monetary and fiscal policies? Why don’t they use their power and fame to educate the World about the “truth” regarding the Holocaust and 9/11? One thing I want to note out, when the Rothschilds did 9/11, innocent people suffered for it. Whether they be the Americans or Muslims blamed for it. When the Rothschilds commenced their operation against me, innocent people suffered for it. Not just me but also others drawn in from natural disasters, shootings, and other events globally. The events are a sign of my increasing power, Judgement Day is nearing and that Satanists will be made to suffer far more.

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