Enemies maintain 100% backfire rate…


This operation started on July 22, 2011 when the Illuminati applied for a corporation with a Norwegian investor in Panama. On that day the largest mass shooting ever took place killing 77 people and injuring 500 in Norway. The corporation was setup to steal hundreds of billions in intellectual property and waste my time. Initially I didn’t realize what was gong on. So far the operation has run 3317 days and my enemies have a 100% backfire rate. My spirit has grown 1,000,000%+ since the start. I believe the latest Judgement Day can start is October 23, 2020 which is 64 days from now. On another note October 23, 2020 is the 17 year anniversary of me being released from 20 days detainment at the age of 13. The Satanists keep ramping up black magic but it is having less of an effect than ever due to my praying. California is now in a state of emergency with several hundred fires, a couple dozen major fires. There is very mysterious never before seen activity of 10,000+ lightnings taking place despite record temperatures. Nationally there are 77 major fires.

One thing to note, the Satanists identified me early as being Christ. My case when I was 13 involved 10 felonies due to “religious reasons”. I held heavy anti-American sentiment back then and still do. The day I plead guilty there was the largest solar flare in 50 year history that the Sun suddenly released out of the blue. Mind this, solar flares are based on energy flows from the core of the Sun about 100,000 years old. My dad was working for Elon Musk back then. Elon Musk is a slave of the Rothschilds. For some odd reason Elon Musk treated my dad in a rude fashion and kicked him out of SpaceX(my dad was one of the initial engineers). I believe this was due to pressure from the Rothschilds. If my dad would have continued working for SpaceX he may have earned vastly more from stock options. Anyways, my felony probation was ended less than a third through the sentencing because I believe the government wanted me to have a positive view of the United States. 

There have been numerous people out of the blue coming into my life since then. I believe the Satanists were at least keeping tabs on me and my family since 2003. Monitoring phone calls, internet accounts, computers and more. They may have been measuring radiation near me as a result of the device the aliens put in my brain when I was young. The case when I was 18 in Simi Valley I called in a false emergency to someone in the Bengali Community. Anyways, the arrest date was 13 days before Jenn Gates turned 13 on the 13th of April 2009. There are 13 Satanic bloodlines by the way. Anyways this also caught the attention of the Satanists. On another note, within 24 hours of Rothschild euthanizing his first dog I evil eye cursed, Elon Musk signed the Giving Pledge and Warren Buffett announced he had cancer. Anyways, I have been surprised over the years about how truly wicked people can be. Especially people so well respected by the masses. I don’t understand their point of view in anyway because I am presumably “just”.

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