Enemies maintaining 100% backfire rate


The Satanists are still maintaining a 100% backfire rate. Earlier this week they did something very very bold. They got 3 black guys to break a dozen car windows in our neighborhood(including my dad’s minivan). This reminded me of tactics like back in 2012 when they would do tire-slashing. Anyways, there were several reasons for this incident of vandalism. To make my family think the government isn’t monitoring our house and/or neighborhood. Make my family give up our belief in God. Make my family doubt the people in our neighborhood are Satanic agents. In addition to this they have continued blasting black magic. But it is having a much weaker effect. My spirit is actually growing faster from the black magic. Time upon time, innumerable instances I have told the Satanists to stop the black magic, stop the false authority, stop the medication torture, stop the insulting/mocking, stop the harassing, stop the stealing and many other things. Yet they still keep doing this shit even more and more. Thus they love defying my commands. As this progresses I will feel less inclined to show “mercy” at Judgement Day and instead show the absolute “opposite”.

With regard to George Floyd’s death, I have a few things to point out. The day he died he was 16660 days old. He was 46 years old: 4 is Bill Gates’s power level and 6 is Charles de Rothschild’s power level. Furthermore, 46 is the year Donald Trump was born in. The squad car involved has 2 numbers: 320(Flight 1380 flight level disaster) and 830(Warren Buffet’s birthday, on another note he was diagnosed with cancer within 24 hours of Rothschild euthanizing his first dog). Furthermore, the badge number of the officer involved starts with Rothschild’s birthday(October 8, badge number=1087). Also, I was 10825 days old when this took place. Another thing the officer had his knee on George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes 46 seconds. That is 526 seconds and the protests started on May 26. The chances of all of these factors being this way is less than 1 in 10^5.

I’ll talk a little more about Flight 1380. It was a Southwestern Airlines flight on April 17, 2018. that resulted in the first civilian death in American air travel in 9 years. This happened due to a blade separation in one of the airplane’s engines. The only person to die in the incident was Jennifer(In reference to Bill Gates’s oldest kid) Riordian. Jennifer Riordian was 15864 days old on April 17,2018(15864 is Melinda Gates’s date of birth in international form). Furthermore it happened when I was 10057 days old(my date of birth and power level, October 5 and 7). Jen Riordian was seated in the 14th row(In reference to the Satanic bloodline me and Jen are supposed to start) and the blade that separated was the 13th blade(In reference to 13 Satanic bloodlines). Anyways the flight level was 32 which is a reference to my address in Los Angeles. Furthermore, there were 149 passengers and this incident was 149 days before September 14, 2018(the day I was arrested and international form is 14/9).

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