Enemies of the righteous


The Rothschilds have recently done a big black magic attack. I was very tired from the black magic. My mom and dad are pestering me to take down my website due to the black magic. There are threats that more charges will be filed in the USA and that I will be extradited from India. If the satanists do such actions it will backfire on them even more. Anyways I feel a bit under pressure. I will focus more on praying. Otherwise things are going well. The black magic was the strongest in a long time. The winter storm in USA is related to this black magic attack.

Anyways I have decided there is going to be a far deadlier fifth wave. I am working with the aliens on producing a bubonic plague variant that kills a third of the population. I am looking to spread the variant in March. I should note I have said for 2 years that I will keep surging the virus until I get a public apology. The wicked have been flouting my demands. I should note Islamic scripture states a third of the population dies from plague before Judgement Day.

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