Enemies continue cruising on 100% backfire rate…


Okay so basically the Blizzard acquisition for $68.7B on January 18 2022 allowed Bill Gates to massively increase his black magic capabilities. An example, just today my dad was talking about how we will kill the wicked people at Judgement Day within 2 years. He was particularly noting Bill Gates. Then a couple hours later he goes talking about how Bill Gates is an innocent man and is not involved. He has made this switch several hundred times between believing Bill Gates is involved and not involved. I have maintained the whole time over the last 10 years that Bill Gates is involved. Not once have I wavered in my belief. I should note I clearly fucking said to stop with the black magic, it is the most irritating thing ever. However, it backfires on the enemies tremendously. My prayer started from black magic harassment. Every new wave of black magic is making me pray more intensely. It is clear the enemies keep getting more and more wicked. I wanted to note that Allah gives me extra spirit credits for black magic harassment because it violates my free will. Sometimes my parents are like… “We will do everything to protect your freedom”… Then the next hour they are like… “We will hand you over to the authorities to have you tortured forever.”

I wanted to note that when Steve Jobs and Paul Allen died the dominant power level was 6. Steve Jobs and Paul Allen both gave their life to Christ. Now the dominant power level is 7. The proof for this is that Elon Musk is richer than Jeff Bezos and Larry Page is richer than Mark Zuckerberg. The dominant power level became 7 in January 2020 around when Kobe Bryant died. Around that time was when Tesla stock started rocketing. 26 months after the Kobe Bryant death is Larry Page’s 49th birthday on March 26. This will be another point in transition to power level 7. I expect after this there will be a massive wave of deaths for Satanists from my white magic and evil eye curses. I believe that the Satanists will eventually order my whole family to be tortured and killed. We will be resurrected by aliens and they will enforce our rule. My parents keep highlighting the fact of how they went through significant efforts to help me in the San Mateo, Santa Clara and Los Angeles cases. They hired psychiatrists and lawyers. But to be honest, I think their involvement in my case significantly hurt my defense. I believe if I went to trial 3 years ago aliens would have turned hostile and enforced my rule by now. Anyways it is clear the enemies are still operating on a 100% backfire rate.

Recent S&P chart. Markets will have dramatic fall soon.

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