Evolution is impossible mathematically…


Look, basically people are very dumb with large numbers. They think that “coincidence” can explain everything. Let me first go into the science of experiencing 11:11. Lets say for instance you see the number 11:11, 1 in 100 times you see the clock, when there is 720 different possible times. Statistically that means 720% more likely. Lets say for instance you see the clock 20 times a day. This equates to seeing 11:11 on average once every 5 days. So assuming you see 11:11 once every 5 days on average while looking at the clock 20 times a day, that means the odds of seeings 11:11 1% of the time over a year is 1 in 10^62. To put into consideration winning the lottery jackpot is 10^8.5 and being number one on Forbes is 10^10 approximately. My family has been experiencing 11:11 since 2012. It is like winning the lottery jackpot 100 times in a row. Basically, the outlier occurrence of 11:11 implies that Paradise is worth well beyond googol dollars. If you are experiencing 11:11, that means that you are being guided to Paradise.

The Bible and Quran states that Allah created all humans and species. Atheists love to reference evolution as proof that there is no Allah. But going over the mathematics of genetics shows that evolution is impossible. The human genome has approximately 100000 genes. Furthermore, lets make (a super conservative) assumption that creating a proper gene through mutation is 1 in 10000 chance. That means the odds of producing a single human being by mutations is 1 in 10^400000. This is just for a single human being. Mind you there are billions of different phenotypes for humans and millions of species on Earth. To put into perspective the age of the Universe is about 10^18 seconds and the amount of subatomic particles in the Visible Universe is about 10^80. It is mind boggling that biologists still insist on the evolution creating humans and species. It is absolutely impossible from a mathematical point of view.

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