Google is best investment by far margin


I have been talking to Google executives lately. It appears that Google is on the cusp of creating human level artificial intelligence that is sentient. Now it is open to debate what is sentient and what is human level. But a machine that can think on the level of a smart human being that is capable of reinventing, learning, comprehending, logically infer and create is very powerful. Especially in the hands of Google. Google has by far the most computing power in the World. I wanted to show one example of the performance improvement of runaway artificial intelligence growth. Think about having an AI that has initial improvement rate of 100% a month. And this rate doubles every month. Meaning it goes to 200%, then 400%, then 800% and so on. Now 100% a month sounds like a lot but bear in mind that means 2.3% growth per day over 30 days. As the machine gets smarter and better its growth rate accelerates. The Law of Accelerating Returns will be in play here. The above chart shows that within 3 years the value of the machine goes from 1 million dollars to 185+ digits. Right now Google’s computing power is about 19 orders calculations per second. If they even just put 10% of their computing power to such an intelligent machine I believe these numbers would be possible. Anyways, I am certain that Google is destined to have a global monopoly pretty soon. As Kurzweil has been stating there is no way singularity can be stopped.

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