How I would run the USA


Firstly I would eliminate all taxes and impose a 2% wealth tax, $3 per gallon gas tax and 10% VAT. I would abolish the Federal Reserve. I would eliminate psychiatry, speed limits, gun laws, drug laws. I would limit military expenditure to 1% of GDP(75% cut from current levels). I would have $20K per year funding for 15 years of education for each child(preschool, 12 grades, 2 years college). I would have nationalized healthcare. If they opt out they get a voucher. I would cut law enforcement and court budgets by 80%. I would target much higher GDP and productivity growth. I would eliminate all corporate subsidies. The government will always have a balanced budget. Anyways, capital stock and investment will sky rocket. Growth will be more stable and faster. There will be less inequality and much higher living standards.

10% VAT=$2 trillion

2% wealth tax=$3 trillion

Gas tax=$400 billion

Total revenue=$5.4 trillion

15 years education at $20K per year=$1.2 trillion

1% GDP military spending=$200 billion

Nationalized healthcare=$3 trillion

Amount left for other things=$1 trillion(roads, police, courts)

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