How I would run the USA(updated)


Firstly I would eliminate all taxes and impose a 2% wealth tax, $3 per gallon gas tax and 10% VAT. I would abolish the Federal Reserve. I would eliminate psychiatry, speed limits, gun laws, drug laws. I would limit military expenditure to 1% of GDP(75% cut from current levels). I would have $20K per year funding for 15 years of education for each child(K-12 grades, 2 years college). If they opt out of public education, they get a voucher. I would have nationalized healthcare. If they opt out of nationalized healthcare, they get a voucher. I would cut law enforcement and court budgets by 80%. I would target much higher GDP and productivity growth. I would eliminate all corporate subsidies. The government will always have a balanced budget. Anyways, capital stock and investment will sky rocket. Growth will be more stable and faster. There will be less inequality and much higher living standards. There will be several currencies which will be backed by productivity and value. Currencies will be backed by stocks, crypto, bonds, commodities or real estate.

10% VAT=$2.7 trillion

2% wealth tax=$3 trillion

Gas tax=$400 billion

Total revenue=$6.1 trillion

15 years education at $20K per year=$1.2 trillion

1% GDP military spending=$200 billion

Nationalized healthcare=$2.7 trillion

Amount left for other things=$2 trillion(roads, police, courts)

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