How to deal with CORRUPT “authorities”

The DA that prosecuted me and her team is dead scared of me. They are too scared to prosecute me despite months of me sending threats to her and her closest colleagues. I’ve killed some of them already. Working on family members too. Kids, siblings, parents and more… Of course also their cowardly masters the God-hating Satanists. I’m the most feared person by the 10,000 most “powerful” people in the World and more. The Rothschilds have $300 trillion+ in wealth yet flaunt power through these pieces of filth armed with $ 2 badges. I am giving this offer to Bilderberg, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Congress, Senate, FBI, Gates, Zuckerberg, Trump, Los Angeles, San Mateo, Kaiser Permanente and Newsom. Give a public apology or face brutalization and humiliation of you and your families in current life and after life

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