I am cholo and proud of it


I am gangster. I am cholo. I am Christ. I am above the law. The Bible, Quran and Muhammad says I have authority over all flesh. The courts, judges, psychiatrists, prosecutors, police, legislators and other authorities are corrupt. They are enemies of god. They call their corruption liberty and justice or sometimes just doing their job. Let me tell you one thing the last 4 times I was detained I freely went and looked up to it. I knew that everything the enemies would do would backfire and indeed it did. The satanists thought I would languish in detainment but I was getting stronger and stronger everyday. I spent my time reading the Bible and Quran along with praying. The psychiatrists typed up hundreds of pages of fabricated medical reports. The police and prosecutors provided thousands of pages of one sided evidence. The sheriffs even used my fabricated psychiatric reports as an excuse to put me in restraints for five months.

I wasn’t even allowed to submit one sentence or make a statement about my case. The liars were given all the attention and credibility. When it was obvious that I wanted to go to trial the satanists played games. I was not given my constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial. The satanists had a very weak case and bribed 4 professionals including 2 of which were retained by me. They had the 4 professionals claim I was incompetent to stand trial based on my mental state. They cited my fabricated psychiatric reports. This was despite the fact that I scored perfect on the competency test. This opened the door to allowing the judges to imprison me for over 30 years without trial. The liars act credible with their fancy language, degrees, certifications and outfits. I on the other hand was in court in restraints, jail outfit and not allowed to talk. I threatened the judges and prosecutors and they kicked me out of the court room for the next dozen appearances.

Let me make this clear the USA is an evil nation. It is the most evil, unethical and corrupt nation in the world. It is great satan and supports Israel. It was engineered by the Illuminati to fight God. I have been experiencing runaway spirit growth since the San Mateo case. My spirit growth rate keeps accelerating continuously. It was easy to kill 60 million people so far. It will be far easier to kill the next 6 billion. I don’t give a fuck about the law. I clearly said if a court order is enforced on me I will brutalize and humiliate bodies. Killing people is just business. I show no emotion when I kill. I just get the job done and move onto the next task. Despite all the persecution I have been through I feel like the luckiest person ever. I have been reading reports that a majority of the Americans feel exhausted dealing with COVID for 2 years so far. Well I am far from exhausted. I feel stronger and more ready than ever to take on what comes my way.

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