In hospital awaiting harassment


Under extreme pressure from authorities I am getting electroshock therapy in India. I believe this treatment is highly unethical and immoral. The satanic bloodlines are pushing this procedure as a last resort. They are scared I can overpower them with my religious and political views. The real purpose of this procedure is to intimidate me and crash my intelligence. So far everything out of millions of things my enemies have done has backfired. All of the statistics clearly point that this treatment will backfire on my enemies. For over a decade I have essentially been offered unlimited money, sex, power and fame to give up my views. I have rejected this despite threats of continued persecution.

The Satanists want to start a world war 3 and install a new world order. They can only do this if they have my support. For one thing, they were destined to fail over 13 billion years ago. The Quran states that everything is predestined before the start of the universe. My mathematical and astrological models prove this. The satanists think a 2 dollar badge can beat the whole universe. Everything they have thrown at me has failed from their perspective. I am not scared for the slightest bit. I know Allah will help me overcome and overpower my enemies.

I am fully prepared to take any torture, humiliation, harassment and imprisonment. I will always stand by the righteous and oppressed. I will not sell out the future of humanity for a red cent or any blood money. I believe there is a high chance that during this procedure high level satanists will be thoroughly cursed. The virus and Ritika Dutta cases show I am cursing my enemies billions of times more. Remember the Quran says the afterlife is infinite of the worldly life. Beyond that scripture states that the vast majority will go to hellfire for infinite torment and suffering.

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