Japan earthquake and airliner crash


Okay, so the last time we had such a major earthquake in Japan was in March 2011. 2 months before I joined the Dukascopy Trader Contest and started breaking records in FX trading. I believe this is a sign that soon I will start to do public miracles soon. The Japan airliner crash was rather interesting. Flight number 516 is a reference to Illuminati birthday(May 1) and Satanic lucky number 6. Furthermore, the tail number of the airliner was 13(a reference to Satanic bloodlines). On another note, the 367 passengers is a reference to Ritika Dutta(she turns 367 months around when Judgement Day happens on May 24, 2024). Furthermore, total passenger number 379 is reference to Avishek Dube who died on 03/07/09. The coast guard plane MA722 is reference to my birth time(7:22 AM) and Norway massacre(July 22). The crash is the first hull loss of an A350.

Other than that, some interesting things have been happening lately. At my News Years Eve party with my cousins, an owl suddenly flew inside our house. It was the first time I saw an owl in over 2 decades(I saw an owl last at Boy Scouts camping). It was a first time for everyone to see an owl indoors. In Indian culture, if a white owl(the owl was white) comes inside your house, that means massively good luck.

On another note, the Satanists are surging black magic, voodoo dolls and mocking Norway massacre victims. They keep getting more and more wicked. They are still trying to convince me that I imagined everything. BIG LOL.

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