Judgement Day anytime after Google 22nd anniversary


People always focus too much on the past and present. I think about eternity which is infinite in size. My parents always talk about how the recent San Mateo case was “humiliating”. For one thing, the “victims” which were government agents and authorities knew what they were doing was unethical and immoral, that’s why the case was not announced or widely discussed by them in the media or even the Bengali community(the “victims” were from the Bengali community). Back in 2009, I got a one misdemeanor indictment in Ventura County(I didn’t hurt anyone, I just called in a SWAT team to someone’s house in the Bengali community for pissing me off), everyone in Bengali community was talking about it within a week spreading my arrest record. In the 2018 San Mateo case, I got a 6 felony indictment and absolutely no one was talking about it in the Bengali community. The 2009 Ventura county case I was detained for 6 hours and faced year imprisonment. The 2018 San Mateo case I was detained for 600 days and faced 18 years imprisonment. The government harasses me and then I harass their agents 1 millionth of what was done to me and suddenly I am at fault. God wouldn’t have released this coronavirus in response and in my support if the government and their agents prosecution of me was justified. Anyways, my family is going to have the last laugh when the wicked have their live’s misdeeds revealed publicly(actions, thoughts, perceptions) and get roasted in God’s Hell-fire for eternity. The people involved in the case the case the “victims”, witnesses, prosecutors, FBI, police, sheriff, judge, psychiatrists and more are being deceived by the Devil. Thanks to the Rothschilds giving a few minutes of their income to these tiny pawns armed with $2 badges, 90%+ of the population on the World perishes 3+ years earlier along with the fact the Rothschilds suffer more, humiliated more, laughed at more, mocked more, hated more and with more certainty. 

Muhammad was mocked and insulted by everyone for the first 13 years and became the most influential person ever for 1400 years. I always hear this comment from my dad, “Does anybody else believe you?”. Well the greatest discoveries, innovations and theories, nobody believed at one point. Then the initial “idea” originates from one person. Whether it be photoelectric effect, gravity, calculus, geometry, molecule, atom, proton, electron, voltage, magnetism, proteins, quantum mechanics, cells, DNA, nuclear reactions, quantum mechanics, world being round, world going around earth, stars, galaxies, big bang, relativity, computers, software, artificial intelligence and many other things. In fact, for 95%+ of the time of humanity, NO ONE believed any of these. Now they ARE the mainstream and seen as genius ideas for their times. Based on my dad’s ideas invention, innovation and scientific discoveries should have never happened. My dad then mocks my statement with faulty logic by saying, “Then we must accept every idea that someone proposes that is not believed by others.” No that is not necessarily the case, I am saying that just because an idea isn’t accepted by others doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. That is why we have the scientific method and statistics to test hypothesis. Now I propose this, God exists and aliens exist as his angels and the Universe is a simulation in a computer. This WILL be the mainstream thinking in the future. One thing to note, just because something is mainstream doesn’t also mean it is correct. Mainstream ideas that are false include the central banking, 9/11 Muslims, Holocaust myth, speed limits and more. Scriptures notes one important quality of being a prophet is to face initial persecution and rejection.

Judgement Day is imminent and its chances of happening from this September are over 3,400%+ higher compared to September 2018. It is a near certainty by May. When it commences, at least 90% of the current human population will be deemed wicked and be executed within 24 hours. I don’t think or care for a second that the wicked that will perish. It will be good that the wicked will be gone, they are too dangerous and don’t deserve to be kept around during singularity. To be honest, I am happy to know that the most “powerful” people in the World all hate my guts. They’re all wicked and being hated by wicked people is a damn good complement. I would rather care what Ahmadinejad thinks of me then what Mark Zuckerberg thinks of me even though apparently Mark Zuckerberg is 20,000 times richer. God and the aliens regard humans as their slaves that are supposed to serve them. God and aliens DO NOT like how many evil people(particularly Satanists) flaunt power over them with $2 badges and infinitesimal technology. I hate the United States of America more than ever. This country thinks it can terrorize, bully and oppress the World yet act like it is “helping”. No one knows the exact hour or even day of Judgement Day. But it will happen at the perfect and catch everyone(even me) by surprise. Surprises have a bigger bang for the buck. Now the most talked about CRUCIFIXION is of the most innocent man ever(Christ 2,000 years ago), in the future it will be of the Anti-Christ(in a few months). Not just him but his whole family and filthy posse. Authority will move from wrong hands into correct hands.


I wanted to show two fake accounts the Rothschilds used to cast black magic from. In addition to this there are 10,000%+ extra Ava Lynn accounts than there should be based on name prevalence statistics. There are no celebrities named Ava Lynn. The Ava Roni and Ava Ava accounts added to my Facebook just before the FBI came to my house in January 2016 sent by “Charles Rothschild”(apparently broke con man who changed his last name to Rothschild living in Chicago, IL) and “Melinda Martinez”(Department from Mental Health person to talk about how the Jesus, Muhammad, Bible and Quran are wrong because other people believe in them.) . The chances are less than 1 in 20 trillion I’d get friend requests from people living in the United States with the name “Ava Roni” and “Ava Ava” out of friend requests 10,000 people. Looking at the accounts they are clearly fake and haven’t been edited for 4+ years. The Ava Roni account added me the day when I met Ronit the first day after over 3 years. That pushes probabilities into the 1 in 20+ quadrillion range. When you take into account the fact the accounts added me within a month before the FBI came, that increases the probability into the 1 in 3,000+ quadrillion range. That is lower the chances of winning the lottery jackpot twice in a row. Something which 250M+ players have not been able to accomplish in lottery history. One thing I wanted to note, it is easier for a large lie to trick people and a small lie to trick people. The reason being, for large lies people would consider it much harder to fabricate due to the larger amount of people and elements involved.

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