Judgement Day is this year


Based on the progressions the next wave of damage will be well above the size of the global economy. That means resurrections will take place and people will be sent to Hell. The Rothschilds were banking that imprisonments would crash my spirit. It backfired. I prayed the whole time and my spirit rocketed. I cursed Congress, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bilderbergers with terminal illnesses. They should be dead by June. Possibly much sooner. The Rothschilds are surging voodoo dolls and black magic as a last stand. It is backfiring and bringing Judgement Day sooner.

I want to make this clear that I sent threats to over a thousand people. Only 3 of them were Christ descendants. Those 3 were the only ones that filed charges. Rothschilds want me to hate Christ descendants so that I worship satan. The authorities don’t care about the people that filed charges. They are actually putting the so-called victims and their relatives in danger of evil eye curses and retaliation by Muslims. They are using the frivolous charges as an excuse to imprison me. They are trying to make me give up my correct religious and political views through imprisonments.

Over the past few days powerful people have been contacting me offering girls, money and other things in an effort to worship them. I have been offered pretty much unlimited sex, money and drugs many times. I can easily start a major brokerage, hedge fund or investment bank. But would rather commit my time to praying and religion. I have been offered sex with celebrities, models, girls young as nine and billionaires. I am encouraging powerful people who sympathize with me to make public statements denouncing satanism. Say things like the Holocaust is a myth, Jews are behind 911 and so on.

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