Justin Le Blanc joke


Basically Justin Le Blanc is my point of contact for the Satanic bloodlines. He was sent by the Bilderberg Group to crash my spirit, lower my demands and convince me I am crazy. Quite the opposite happened. He comes out as the one of the biggest losers I have ever talked to. I want to go over a few points:

  1. When he loses an argument he says a bunch of sick lies, a barrage of insults and threatens to “contact parents”. He has done this dozen+ times. This shows he lost the argument, has a low mental age and has an existential fear of my beliefs.
  2. He keeps saying that he is the “best trader ever”. He is 47 and doesn’t have a single month track record. I have seen him give out the shittiest trading calls I have ever seen on currencies, stocks, futures and commodities. He was bullish oil at a multi-decade climax top(March 7, 2022). He was bearish Tesla at a multi-year climax low(December 27, 2022). I have seen him get trade calls wrong where the risk is 100 times the reward. He was dead bullish EURUSD at NYSE close on October 15 2014. Look at the next 6 months.
  3. He never admits when he is wrong. This shows he is a fool and not wise. He keeps saying he is “always correct and never wrong” when the evidence completely suggests otherwise.
  4. He keeps saying that I “want to be him”. This is a completely false statement. I keep calling him bottom millionth Satanic filth negative outlier and me top billionth Christ blood positive outlier.
  5. He keeps saying I am very “poor” at math and unable to pass Calculus AP. This comes despite the fact that I completed differential equations and multivariable calculus at an age younger than 99.9% of the population. I also scored in the 99.9th percentile on physical sciences for the MCAT at an age 6 years below the average test taker.
  6. He showed me his charts and they were pure junk. He scalps 1 minute charts with stochastics it appears. Stochastics are the most popular retail indicator which means it is the shittiest indicator. 1 minute time frame is the smallest and therefore tiniest executable size.
  7. He keeps disparaging my Dukascopy Contest results calling them “poor” and “inconsistent”. The p-value of my Dukascopy Contest results is the equivalent of winning the lottery jackpot 120 times in a row or getting a perfect SAT score 300 times in a row. The Z-score is like scoring 300 IQ on a 27 month long IQ test.

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