Larry Page’s 49th birthday. Market low. Jenn Gates death.


I am looking for markets to make a major low around Larry Page’s 49th birthday on March 26, 2022. I should note markets in 2011 made the major low a day before my 21st birthday(October 5, 2011). On my 21st birthday Steve Jobs died. Back then 6 was the dominant power level. Now 7 is the dominant power level. I expect Jenn Gates will die around the low near Larry Page’s birthday. The most likely cause of death is an aneurysm. My low end target on the S&P is 3700, chart below. Currently I am being charged with 18 felonies by Department 49 in Santa Clara. Larry Page and Google is from Santa Clara. 49 is also Google birthday in international form. 49 is also 7 squared. I believe this will be the best buying opportunity on markets since March 6, 2009 low. I should note Steve Jobs died with 5.426M Apple shares. April 26 is Jenn Gates’s date of birth. Also at the March 6, 2009 low within 24 hours Avishek Dube died. Avishek Dube died next to Ritika Dutta’s house. Ritika Dutta is the person who pushed the Santa Clara, San Mateo and Los Angeles cases against me. She is also a Stanford Biology major like Jenn Gates. Bill Gates paid Ritika $1,000 an hour to persecute me. Avishek Dube made fun of me as a kid for talking about aliens. I should note Avishek Dube died a month before his 26th birthday.

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