Out of body experience


Okay so on Monday I was exposed to anesthesia for the first time during electroshock therapy. It was pretty simple, I fell asleep and woke up instantly an hour later. No dreams, nothing unusual. Just a simple instantaneous time pass. Today on Wednesday I had electroshock therapy again. This time when I was asleep I had an out of body experience. I felt like I was becoming a part of the universe. It lasted a long time and was really cool.

Other than that I think overall I had a positive experience. On another note I think my intelligence has rocketed. The goal of the Rothschilds was to crash my intelligence through so-called treatment. But everything they do backfires. I think everyone should experience what I experienced. I love spiritual experiences. Anyways I am at a medical college hospital. So many cute chicks. Nursing, medical, resident students. Love the atmosphere.

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