Punishing the 99%


99% of society is wicked. The Bible and Quran states that the vast majority of people will go to Hell on Judgement Day. The Hadiths say that 99% of people will go to Hell. The suffering in Hell is considered infinitely worse than any Worldly torture. I blame society for relegating authority to wicked hands. They have the following delusions:

1. They think the Holocaust took place.

2. They think speed limits save lives.

3. They think the war on drugs saves lives.

4. They think central banks and fiat money help.

5. They think psychiatry works.

6. They think Muslims did 911.

7. They think gun control helps.

8. They think a $2 badge is more powerful than the Universe.

9. They think the moon landing took place.

10. They think evolution created humans.

Judgement Day is soon. I gave people the true promise. Eternal bliss in paradise. Yet the vast majority of people chose the Anti-Christ Bill Gates with his Hell. Right now we are on the edge of seeing Muslims rise up over my treatment. This was predicted by Muhammad 1400 years ago.

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