Raisi helicopter crash


The Raisi helicopter crash is related to Kobe Bryant death, Flight 1380, Da Vinci Code movie, San Bernardino massacre, Ray Kurzweil and Sandy Hook massacre. I have a update to when Judgement Day takes place. It will take place at any point before I turn 34(October 5, 2024). Anyways, things are going very well. I feel luckier and happier than ever. You guys do recall the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash happened just right before the pandemic took off. The Raisi helicopter crash indicates that we are going into important cycle times. Raisi helicopter crashed on 18-year anniversary of Da Vinci Code movie release date. His 52nd birthday is on same day as Sandy Hook massacre.

The helicopter crash happened 4174 days after the Sandy Hook massacre. 4174 is a reference to April 17, the day of the Flight 1380 disaster. The helicopter numbers are reference to Ray Kurzweil and San Bernardino massacre. The Sandy Hook massacre happened when Larry Page announced Ray Kurzweil’s hiring at Google. The Sandy Hook shooter looked exactly like Bill Gates. Hurricane Sandy made landfall on Bill Gates’s birthday and was going towards Sandy Hook. I know it is taking longer than expected for Judgement Day. But that just means rewards and punishments will be greater. The p-value for 11:11 appearance and other magical things imply a larger outlier event taking place.

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