Rewards and Punishments: Eternal vs Temporary


One thing I want to make clear is that Allah can provide infinite the rewards/punishments Satan can give. Yes, Satanism can give a luxurious life on the planet but this is temporary. Yes, Satanists are capable of taking away people’s money, liberty, health and even life. But this is also a temporary scenario. Whether someone accepts or rejects Satan’s invitation is critical in how they are later assessed by Allah at Judgement Day. Allah’s rewards/punishments are not temporary but rather eternal such as abode in Paradise or Hell-fire. Despite this and the fact that all scripture says that Allah is vastly more powerful than Satan, limits Satan and beats Satan. The vast majority currently accept Satanism and reject Allah. There is much ignorance of religion among the current population. Furthermore, most people usually focus on short-term goals with very little view of long-term goals. The Quran even states that Satan is given temporary respite as the ruling deity on this planet.

Lets take for example the soon to be recognized Coward of Humanity and Loser of Humanity, Bill Coward Gates. Yes, it appears he has lived a great life on this planet. Lots of wealth and luxury along with being very respected globally and much attention. From what I am aware he claims to have been working 80 hours a week on average since his teens. What happens to him and his family at Judgement Day? His family is taught how to treat people with “respect” over several weeks. Afterwards, 666 pounds of fat injected, crowns with the label “Cowards of Satan” and nailed naked to crosses for the public to see for eternity. During the process there will be usual services such as feeding of sour wine, mocking, insulting and more. After death him and his family suffer eternal torment and suffering in Hell-Fire. The scenario is greater the pride, greater the fall. He’s being setup for the biggest negative shock ever. I offered him innumerable opportunities for mitigation of such circumstances and he did the opposite of my offers lowering chances of mitigation. What I think is really funny is all of these low level pawns Bill Coward Gates sent my way. This whole rift between me and Gates started from Ion Pairelli. Ion Pairelli is some low-class Moldovan pawn living in Canada.

I think it’s funny how practically all of the richest and/or most powerful people in the World worship Rothschild and Satan. It’s such a joke. Trump, Putin, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Pelosi and a lot more are dead scared of him. They have taken his invitation of Satanism from his false promises. The existence of Satan implies the existence of God because God is written in scripture as a far greater deity. I thought it was funny how when I contacted the investigation and prosecution of my case implying/inquiring about Rothschild’s involvement and they had such a negative response to me. I even noted of his involvement in false imprisonment, bribery, extortion, terrorism, espionage, treason, murder, obstruction of justice, insider trading and other things. They didn’t care or bother to investigate. They’re sticking by Rothschild despite the fact he is framing them and their families(and the rest of his servants for that matter) into eternal torment and suffering. In contrast, I’m the only path to eternal life. Rothschild doesn’t give a fuck about his servants and anyone else for that matter. All he cares about is deceiving and terrorizing the World, his filthy fucking pathetic now-dead dogs and counting money.

On another note, the district attorney in my case has a very funny name. Her full name is Amelia Diedrich which I take for “Amelia Died Rich”. Anyways, the name implies she takes bribes and dies at Judgement Day. It also implies that Judgement Day will take place. Diedrich is also a very rare last name. Anyways I couldn’t stop laughing when I learned about her name. It’s like the Satanists are flaunting they will lose. By the way, she went to a shitty college and law school. The judge Jeffrey Finigan also went to a shitty college and law school. I think they were chosen by Rothschild for the case was because they would be easiest to manipulate and control. To be honest, these two are among my favorite of the thousands of Rothschild’s pawns sent my way. Because of them I get to Judgement Day much quicker and I get to show off the powers of God’s rage with the virus. There was also a substitute judge who was a lesbian apparently. Rothschild chose her to show contempt for God. 

One thing I also found interesting, when I was arrested on September 14, 2018, I looked at the time when I entered police cruiser and it showed 3:09 PM. That is the date of birth of my only soulmate. I found that as an assurance when I saw that. Another thing, when I was released on May 6, 2020, I was detained for 646 days my life. The Penal Code violation I was arrested for eventually plead guilty to was PC 646. I was released on the 6th day of the month after 600 days detention from Sept 2018 when I turned 10806 days old. 10806 is Rothschild’s date of birth and power level(October 8 and 6). Furthermore, over my life I was detained for 6% of my life when I was released.

Another thing to note, 99% of the “delusions” I had came after taking “medication”. The only person in the Illuminati to contact me with their real identity was Charles Rothschild who was trying to make me look crazy intentionally. He trapped me into IRBL saying that it would go to .2 “very soon” and it went to .0001. He desperately was trying to look like a conman publicly on his internet accounts. I knew he was a real Rothschild from certain details and calls about markets he made that less than 1 in a million people would know. During largest currency intervention ever on October 31, 2011 by the Bank of Japan(involved over $100B in trade by the central bank), Rothschild was calling exact levels on EUR/JPY and USD/JPY. For American Airlines bankruptcy, he knew about Rothschild Inc involvement 24 days before it was publicly known. Furthermore, I apparently only “imagined” things on Bilderberg media. Beyond that, I never “imagined” anything in person or heard any voices.

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