Santa Clara hearing over


Coward dancing Rothschilds hiding behind low level prosecutors still. I should note enemies continue to cruise on 100% backfire rate. I want to make this clear, the Rothschilds make 20 trillion a year and they are hiding behind prosecutors making 200,000 a year. What a fucking joke. Let me make this clear since I was released the Rothschilds have used voodoo dolls and black magic on me several hundred thousand times. The Bible and Quran explicitly states that such activity is a capital crime. The Bible and Quran is the word of god. The USA statutes are the word of satan. Satan is acting as if it has authority over god. Anyways it is pathetic and pitiful the Rothschilds are still hiding behind coward pawns. They will be laughed at more than anything in the future. I believe that there will be a tenth detention soon. It will backfire more than anything on the enemies. The Bible and Quran make it clear that enemies of god deserve and get eternal torment and suffering.

The fact of the matter is that the Rothschilds were given an opportunity to apologize at my Santa Clara hearing. That would have mitigated the situation. Instead they escalated the situation. The district attorney was allowed to give a statement and submit evidence but I was not allowed to. It was a one sided hearing. The next hearing which is on March 1st will be one sided too. I wanted the Rothschilds to clearly identify themselves and be truthful. I wanted them to admit that I am being charged for political purposes because I am Jesus Christ. To claim the purpose of the case was to crash my spirit. To claim they don’t care about the so-called victims in the case. To claim that universal events are based on me. The hearing fell short of numerous of my expectations. I am not satisfied with the hearing. I am releasing a deadliest fifth wave of the virus. The authorities and Rothschilds showed no regard for public safety and well being. I want to make this clear I have authority over my enemies. I am of god they are of satan.

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