Satanists cruising at 100% backfire rate


“They gathered, organized and armed the dirtiest, filthiest and most criminal so-called humans from different parts of the world more than 60 years ago under a false and void excuse and through making fake news and stories. They occupied the Palestinian territories and made the Palestinian nation homeless through their military and propaganda supports”.


Generally in criminal trials there is concept that the prosecution should prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt”. I like to use statistics to imply the “chance” of events taking place together. He added me on when on October 1, 2011 when I turned 7666 days old. The chance of having that Satanic of a number is 1 in 1000. I have known him for 3251 days. The only time I have talked by Rothschild on phone was on the day of my mental health hold, 1 in 3251 chance it would be on that given day. The chance of someone in my IQ range being mentally ill is less than 1 in 1000(for average person it is about 1 in 100). He’s only talked to me on the internet for about 30 given days, so 1 in 100 chance he would talk to me that day(he initiated the chat and phone call just before the hold). On another note, Rothschild was also telling me about my future being the next Mark Zuckerberg. Honestly, I always saw myself as above Zuckerberg ever since I first heard about him in 2008. I now know why, I’m the Son of God, he’s the Son of Satan. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. 

On another note Zuckerberg knew about me before I knew about him. I know as early as 2006 I came to his attention(he admitted to this in June 2012 to me). There was this phishing operation on Myspace, where me and a friend acquired 21,000 passwords. Then we sabotaged many of the profiles. It was shutdown by the UK web host at the request of American authorities and the FBI interviewed me over it. Myspace, victims and/or the government didn’t prosecute charges against me despite the fact I was taken off felony probation 6 months earlier 1/3rd through probation. On another note, this was also when I heard that the FBI had an extensive file on me since I was 13 when I was arrested for 10 felonies. I believe this was because the government wanted me to have a good view of the United States. Anyways the day of the mental health hold was the largest IPO to date which was Facebook IPO. The chances of a major IPO taking place on a given day is about 1 In 500.

We can also add in another element of my interaction with Rothschild. Of the 5,000+ people I have talked to in my life, he was the one person whose actions and instructions were designed t make me look as crazy as possible. He told me to buy up IRBL, then he would use an email list from an Illuminati company to promote other buyers. His target was $1 and it ended up going to .0001. He also told me to tell others to buy it with a $1 target. Anyways, let’s assuming 1 in 5,000 chance for this element. When we multiply the chances together for all the separate we get 1000*3251*1000*500*5000=8 quadrillion. To give an idea, you’re 25M+ times more likely to win the lottery jackpot in ONE PLAY than these odds. Anyways, it isn’t just what took place that day but dozens of other critical events. I wanted to note this conversation I had with Rothschild just before the first involuntary hold. The Skype material is in reference to them forcing me to give up my intellectual property that I worked my whole life on. At the time Rothschild had big Eastern European men outside my house with black Audi’s that look like they were mafia.

Look these people are straight up fucking cowards. They send the police to my house for the first involuntary hold claiming someone in the neighborhood made a report about me. They send the FBI to my house and then later fabricate a broke con man living with his mother on felony probation who did wire/mail fraud against sent them. They send the Secret Service to intimidate me claiming some 85 year old sent them(my former instructor) over a post I made about Trump being CRUCIFIED in the future. On another note this event is also related to my hit on Kobe Bryant. They send the Department of Mental Health to mock me and claim that someone from UCLA sent them. They have me arrested and detained for 600 days due to a case started by 3 medical students. Furthermore, I am on felony probation now for a period up to 5 years. The Satanists have also distanced themself from this event when I clearly know and have said they are behind it. They have done numerous things during/after claiming the arrest and detention claiming Satanist aren’t involved and I am imagining things. These include statements from people such as FBI, sheriff, psychiatrists, parents on black magic and/or “friends” telling me the “truth”.

Look each and every one of the fucking 10,000+ coward pawns in this operation are vastly more powerful than every Satanist and Jew combined. The authorities and “medical experts” initially gave me “medication” for being “suicidal” that made me have me gain 25 pounds of fat. They claimed if I refused to take they will hold me “forever”. Then later for me being “gravely disabled”(they claimed I was unable to handle medical decisions, clothing, food, shelter for myself). Then to “treat” this “gravely disabled” status they gave “medication” under legal order that makes me think slower, have worse memory, be fatter, allow voodoo dolls and black magic, flatulent, sedated and sleep more. Psychiatrists that I refuse to tell anything to fabricate things about what I say on reports and talking to my parents. Psychiatrists that I have never seen or talked to before have made straight up fabricated claims about me in testimony at hearings and when talking to my family. This is dozens of people abusing their medical “expertise”, trust and status of “authority”.

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