Satanists ramping up black magic to all-time highs….


The Satanists are growing really anxious with my website being up and the idea Judgement Day is soon. Anyways, my parents have kept bothering me about my website and me naming people by first and last name(Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Charles Rothschild). They think I shouldn’t name anyone involved due to criminal/civil charges these people can pursue. I keep pointing out that if these people file charges, it would bring massive attention to me and risk having the Muslims discover me. Also, they can’t imprison me for more than 37 days without triggering Judgement Day at this point. Then they point out the Satanists can get the police/FBI to harass me. They Satanists have done this numerous times and each time it backfired along with many other things. Anyways, whatever mercy I may have after Judgement Day is rapidly going away… What pisses me off is that they can attribute fabricated things for 8 years against me with my name through abuse of”authority”. But somehow it is seen that I can’t say the wrong things they do.

I feel a little pissed about this circumstance. People do a ton of harm not just to me but many others. Yet I’m not supposed to point tout who cause they have the “authorities” under in their pockets. The Satanists have been using rapid waves of demonic possession lately. The Seattle shooting on July 11 was due to this. My mom was hitting me and threatening to call the police to have me detained(she has this right due to the fact she is my conservator) if I don’t take down my website. My dad then started adding in that Rothschild is a black con man and that I am less than dog shit(Although, I have been calling my dad cow dung shit over the last couple weeks when he was under black magic harassing me.). My mother followed with saying I have full-blown schizophrenia. They read my website and excessively point out things that make me look bad and ignore the vast majority that makes me look good. Anyways, I didn’t give into their demands at all and they backed off. They won’t let me leave the house and move somewhere else or else they would call the police to put me in a mental asylum. My dad claimed that I don’t “respect” people because of what I say about the Satanists.

My parents pointed out  that I am schizophrenic because I use statistics “like 2+2=4”. For one thing, of the 70+ schizophrenic people I have met, none had knowledge beyond arithmetic. Beyond that my parents never try to challenge my claims on a statistical basis. They just invent false premises to further their argument. I never used simple addition in any of my statistics, I use the “probability” of independent event taking place. Beyond that, the statistics make it quite clear that Global events are based on me 10^60+ to 1. Then they point out that John Nash was schizophrenic. I have pushed the idea that John Nash was made to look schizophrenic so that it would be easier to persecute other geniuses with anti-Satanic thoughts. Beyond that, his game theory involves the idea that in a fair game all people will have equal points as time goes to infinity. But the problem is, the biggest game in the World, the markets, have seen massive inequality in long-term results and returns among participants. This means markets aren’t fair and there is rampant insider trading and fabricated news.

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