Satanists still operating on 100% backfire rate….


Anyways, Satanists still maintaining 100% backfire rate. Rothschilds’ black magic(voodoo dolls and spells) are massively losing effect. My spirit is going through the roof. The Satanists seem to be befuddled with why their black magic isn’t working. Clearly they seem to be out of the know, it never worked these last 8 years. They’re trying to make me hate Bengali girls and like White girls. Furthermore, trying to make me hate God, love Satan, hate aliens, convince me I am schizophrenic and scare me from trading. But since my spirit is so strong(and keeps growing exponentially) the opposite is happening. Every night I have “interesting” dreams related to their black magic. Rather than preventing Judgement Day(through their use of black magic), it is actually speeding it up(and has been every step of the way). I have realized the best way to fight black magic is through religion: praying, chanting, reading religious scripture and listening to religious material. What pisses me off the most is when they do black magic attacks on my whole family so that my family members suddenly start to say things irritating me. 

It’s funny the Satanists are still associating Satanism with John Nash, FBI, Secret Service and Lynn Le along with many other things. I don’t see Lynn Le as a complement for a wife. Lynn is the weakest minded person I have ever known. Lynn has had four+ miscarriages despite massive fertility treatments(I have Evil Eye cursed her for trying to convince my family I am schizophrenic and lying about USA government involvement in her marriage with Richard Ha). I’m not scared and/or have a high view of the FBI or Secret Service. They’re filthy, evil organizations of Great Satan. Furthermore, I don’t see John Nash as a complement, nowhere close. Also on a consistent basis the Illuminati still sends people(by practically all of them have IQ’s 50+ points below me and many don’t even have college degrees) to convince me I am crazy. My family can’t convince me that I am crazy, my friends can’t, psychiatrists can’t, psychologists can’t, FBI can’t along with many others. The progression doesn’t make any sense. They keep on going on a lower and lower level. They’re getting stupider than ever. They’re desperately throwing darts and each dart turning back on them.

Some articles I want to reference

So basically, according to the “authorities” thinking you’re a Prophet means you’re automatically mentally ill in their eyes. And from this they may try to make claims of you being gravely disabled, danger to others and/or danger to self for involuntary holds. The basis of this is that according to them many people who are schizophrenic claim to be a Prophet. When I was in the facilities I would say about 5-10% of people believed they were Christ over a sample of about 50 people I talked to. Now outside of the facilities very few people claim to be Prophets. So yes, I will admit, the chance of finding people claiming to be Prophets is much higher in the facility. Practically all people I have talked to personally that believed they were a Prophet(I define this as someone who was chosen by Deity to do a special task for the World) are from the facilities(the only exceptions being Rothschild, Gates, Zuckerberg).

Now I have heard many false statements regarding people deemed “schizophrenic”. One is that “everyone” who is schizophrenic believes they are not schizophrenic. Another claim that “everyone” who is schizophrenic thinks they’re a Prophet. These last 2 statements are straight out false, it is completely the other way around. The vast majority of people in the facilities believed they were schizophrenic, the medication helps them and that they need it. The vast majority in the facilities believe they are not a Prophet along with having a very low self esteem as if God gave them a meaningless life(I don’t mean to offend them, I respect people but I am just saying the truth). 

Another false statement I’ve heard is that geniuses are more likely to be schizophrenic. This is a flat out false statement that is completely contrary to the statistics. They mention statements like “genius and madness are different sides of the same coin” and John Nash in A Beautiful Mind. I don’t believe John Nash was schizophrenic and I believe he was politically persecuted and setup as a false example of schizophrenia to persecute other highly intelligent justice-seekers in the future. Also, they fabricated that his son is schizophrenic to add “credibility” to claims in the earlier generation(there is no genetic correlation above 130 IQ and his son got a Mathematics Ph.D). The fact that the Nobel Prize Committee didn’t allow John Nash to speak at his acceptance speech is very odd. He may have been onto something like the Rothschilds pilfering trillions out of the global economy through setting up boom and bust cycles by manipulation through central banks. If the Satanists would have killed John Nash, that would have given credibility to his claims of being persecuted and that a coverup was involved.

Another thing I wanted to point out. The argument that “many people believe that, therefore it is not possible” is very flawed and makes no sense when you analyze it. This is primarily used in the claim that “Many people believe they’re a Prophet, therefore, you’re not”. The funny thing about this, most of the people that use this previous argument, also says things like “most people believe” things such as the Holocaust, 9/11 done by Muslims, central banks curb inflation and financial crisis, speed limits save lives, gun control results in less violence, large government is good for economic growth and many other things, therefore it is true. So first they cite many people believe it is possible so it is not possible. Then they go to most people believe something is possible therefore it is. The argument flips based on what is socially/politically correct.

One thing to point out, before Muhammad’s(which in my opinion is the most influential of all Prophets) Prophethood he faced much persecution and rejection for over a decade and was considered “crazy” by the public. Most Prophets in Christianity and Islam face a prolonged period of rejected and persecuted for pursuing righteousness. In Christianity and Islam there is both several hundreds Prophets in each of them. Furthermore, the Bible and Quran both state that numerous people will falsely claim to be Prophets in End Times. Another issue, we can put the scope of this argument to other things. For instance, “Many people believe they can be a Prophet/President/Astronaut/CEO/Nobel Laureate/Billionaire/Celebrity, therefore nobody can.” You can go tell every major figure in humanity in the past that they can’t have a significant impact on humanity(because a minority do) but the fact of the matter they eventually did. So many many people broke the odds and became an “outlier”

I’ve been studying the distribution of IQ and schizophrenia. The mean schizophrenic has an IQ in the 15th percentile around 85. With every IQ increase above 85 the chance of schizophrenia goes down by 3.8%. My IQ is above 160(last tested at 164 when I was 13 and arrested for 10 felonies the court required I be IQ tested), 99.99th+ percentile. This puts me at a less than 1 in 1,500 risk of being “schizophrenic”. According to the distributions, 99.999% of people with schizophrenia have an IQ below 160. Furthermore, the higher the IQ the less “severe” the schizophrenia is. I’ve been on over a dozen different “medications” cumulatively 1,000’s of times not a single time did it change my views(In fact, after 8 years my views are even more radical). However, they made me gain and lose 200 pounds cumulatively, become diabetic, sleep a lot, have lower cognitive abilities and be more prone to black magic(voodoo dolls). Essentially they were torturing me to give up my views through “medication”.

Anyways, I’ll make this claim. If they can say I’m schizophrenic because I exhibit properties that 5-10% of schizophrenic people(claiming to be a Prophet). Why can’t they say that I’m not schizophrenic because I exhibit properties that 99.999+%(IQ) of schizophrenics don’t have? On another note, there are other things. An example, the psychiatrists claim that I was schizophrenic from the age of 18, when I never visited a psychiatrist until I was 21(forced to by the government) and I never told them any details about my life between the age of 18-21. By the way, during that time I performed in the 99.995th+ percentile on the Dukascopy Trader Contest. The problem the vast majority of people don’t realize how hard it is to make correct market calls, they think it is all luck. If it’s so easy to beat my record, why didn’t anyone in 8 years do it out of 20,000+ people? People often look at outsized returns on the markets as winning the lottery. But it’s actually much harder than that. I ended up maintaining ~1000 trades with an average per trade pips being in the ~90th percentile. The chances of doing that(assuming markets are pure luck) is about 1 in 10^1000. Furthermore, my performance on 3X leverage relative to traders is about 8 standard deviations above the mean which is around 1 in 10^15 probability.

Why is it that 99%+ all of things I have apparently “imagined” were AFTER I started taking anti-psychotics. When I challenged them with this claim, the psychiatrists claimed that the medication can make you imagine things. Then why put me on it in the first place? Why is it that everything I apparently imagined was only confined to Bilderberg products (Skype, Facebook, CNN, Google News, Fox News). Not once did I imagine someone that wasn’t there or heard any voices (Apparently, John Nash heard voices and saw characters that weren’t there on a daily basis). Not once did I imagine Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Jennifer Gates talk to or message me on their real accounts. They would talk to through an anonymous account or one of my friend’s accounts and then suddenly delete the chat off Skype and/or Facebook. The fact they would do this means they are masking their real identity, have something to lose if they are known talking to me(they never asked for money) and were intentionally trying to make me look crazy. Not once did I “imagine” Bill, Mark or Jennifer give me a phone call. Why is Rothschild trying to make me look crazy saying IRBL will go to 1 when it goes to .0001. 

Furthermore, why is it that the only time I ever talked to Rothschild over the phone was right before my first mental health hold on Facebook IPO day(the IPO was even priced at market cap $105B, my date of birth is October 5th). I have known Rothschild for 3182(He introduced himself to me on October 1, 2011. Right now it is June 17, 2020) and the only time I talk to him by phone is within 24 hours of my first mental health hold and mental diagnosis. Also, regarding later psychiatric claims that I had a mental illness from the age of 18, why is it that I didn’t have any involuntary hold till I was over 21? Anyways I am including a conversation on Facebook I had with Rothschild that day and it shows an attitude on his part to talk to me. When I was on the phone he instructed me to cooperate with the police and not cause any “trouble”. 

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