Saudi religious curriculum on Judgement Day


This first extract, “The Victory of Muslims Over Jews,” is the last two pages from the prophet Mohammed’s sayings,HADITHS

Hadith narrated by Abi Hurira:

“The last hour won’t come before the Muslims would fight the Jews and the Muslims will kill them so Jews would hide behind rocks and trees. Then the rocks and tree would call: oh Muslim, oh servant of God! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only “Gharkad” tree, it is of Jews’ trees.”

Explanation of words

“Last Hour: the hereafter will not come

“Gharkad”: a big tree with thorns and the Jews grew it a lot in Palestine those days

Teachings of the Hadith

1/ It’s fate decided by Allah that the Muslims and Jews will fight till the end of the world.

2/ The Hadith predicts for the Muslims God’s victory over the Jews.

3/ The victory for the Muslims because they are right, and who ever is right is always victorious, even though most people are against him.

4/ God grants victory to the Muslims if they have a true will, if they unite, hold on to God’s sharia, if they go by God’s ruling, if they are patient.

5/ The material strength won’t be enough to warrant victory, it is necessary to invoke God seek his support.

6/ Who ever is with God, God is with him; no matter what hardships and ordeals one would undergo what counts is the final result.

7/ Jews and Christians are the enemies of believers they will never approve of the Muslims, beware of them.

Questions for discussion

1/ What was the prophecy of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in this Hadith?

2/ What is the name of the tree that will tell about the Jews?

3/ At the end, who will be victorious?

4/ What should the Muslims arm themselves with against the Jews?

Questions about duties

1/ Will the Jews and the Christians ever approve of the Muslims and why?

2/ What is ‘garkad’?

3/ Give four factors that would grant victory of Muslims over their enemies?

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