Showing the Jews a REAL Holocaust


Congratulating Hamas on the hit since last Saturday. Mahdi called in the attack. Anyways, I get happy when Israeli Jews are killed, captured or injured. I am super happy. Muhammad said there will be a global genocide of Jews before I become King of the World. I am looking to feeding dog shit and piss to high level Satanists like Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bilderbergers and more. Then CRUCIFYING them naked for the World to see. They messed with the wrong person. They can’t even hurt the bone or flesh of me or my family. I am predestined to do things infinitely more brutal than CRUCIFIXION to them. I am offering at minimum 72 virgins and 82000 servants in a golden mansion to each person that martyrs. Allah is infinite of Satan. INSHALLAH!!! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

“When Allah wants good for his slave, He hastens his punishment in the world. And when He wants bad for His slave, He withholds his sins from him until he appears before Him on the Day of Judgement.”


The martyr does not feel the pain of being killed except as one of you feels the pinch of an insect bite.


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