Special protection, enemies keep getting dumber


The United States and Satanic Bloodlines have been leading guerrilla warfare against me for about 8-9 years. So the most powerful families and nation sees themselves in a position they need to do guerrilla warfare against a one man army. LOL. They have lost on every single element of their guerrilla warfare against me despite having used extensive resources including “the authorities”, other experts, major corporations(Facebook, Microsoft), black magic, billions of dollars and thousands of agents. The scriptures state all Prophets go to victory no matter how powerful their enemies. I’m the most written about and expected Prophet. The scriptures state that at Judgement Day all the leaders and nations of the World will declare war against me and flat out lose due to assistance I get from “Angels”, “Army of Heavens” and God. You guys may ask why don’t the Satanists ever injure and/or kill me? It is because doing such actions will lead to aliens turning hostile and Judgement Day immediately starting. As being the most written about person by far margin in the scriptures, there are other special protections I get. People who invent lies against me may be liable to being executed and suffer greatly in the afterlife. The people involved in this operation think they are bound to win because of how “powerful” my enemies are. Well, if my enemies are so powerful, why are they scared of me and my family knowing about them? Why do they resort to guerrilla tactics?

I find it repulsive people are put in jail in some countries for saying the “truth” about the Holocaust. Sometimes the courts equate Holocaust skepticism as inciting racial hatred against Jews. The Holocaust myth itself incites racial hatred against Whites. Whites are the most ingenious race in this World contributing to most scientific, technological, societal developments and innovation. Yet they are on their knees due to the Holocaust myth. The Arabs are the most God-loving people in the World. Yet they are also on their knees due to the Muslims behind 9/11 bullshit(Zionists are behind 9/11). I find Harris the most repulsive VP candidate ever. I see District Attorney’s as less than filth trash shit. Their drug laws are designed to make drug cartels rich at the expense of addicts. Addicts would more likely seek treatment if there was drug legalization. Drug cartels would have lower profit margins if there was drug legalization. Their speed limits are designed to make insurance companies rich at the expense of lives. There would be vastly lower deaths on the roads if speed limits didn’t conflict with free-flowing to traffic. District attorneys cater to special interests. They will never charge the REAL people behind 9/11. They like to instead prosecute tons of tiny petty charges to act like they are “helping” society.

On another note, Facebook has been saying some things lately. They are acknowledging using voodoo dolls slightly. Putting some doctored intimidating pictures. Also implying that “everyone is equal” socially/politically correct crap.

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