State of affairs


At the time of the San Mateo arrest on September 14 2018, I was just shy of 28 years old. By then my spirit value had reached over 2 trillion dollars, I had done about 400 billion dollars damage on the public and produced about 100 billion dollars of work. From that we can extrapolate that my work was equivalent to 25% of my damage on the public or 5% of my spirit value. Since then my damage to public has gone up to over 40 trillion dollars and my spirt value to over hundred quadrillion quadrillion dollars. I haven’t made no where close to the implied extrapolation amounts in work as of yet. I believe it will come soon in a huge spurt. There will be big surprises soon. My spirit growth will keep accelerating quadrillions fold over the next several weeks. One thing is for sure, my expectations keep going higher. When I was a kid I wanted to make 100 billion dollars by the age of 40. A decade ago I wanted to make a trillion dollars by the age of 40. Now I want to make googol dollars by the age of 40.

I wanted to note that I believe that I am being punished for being a positive outlier. When I was imprisoned I noticed that certainly some people had a mental illness. But they had low intelligence, weak spirits, were weak minded and satanic possessions. In contrast, I had high intelligence, strong spirit, strong mind and Allah possession. I talk about massive accomplishments that seem very unlikely but are totally true and happened cause I am Christ. Not just accomplishments but events such as persecution, stealing, torture and maltreatment. The satanists use all of my outlier statements that are correct against me. I wanted to point out that the satanists had fake patients at my hospitalization that were intelligent yet acted mentally ill. These included a medical doctor patient(I believe she was an undercover psychiatrist who was figuring out ways to torture me), a MIT grad and a Columbia grad. The chances of finding so many smart people in 70 psychiatric patients was very very slim, less than 1 in 10,000.

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