Statement to Satanists


According to the Quran charging interest or usury is grounds for being sent to Hell for eternal punishment. Lying, theft and bribery are also grounds for eternal punishment. The Quran states Allah will not do an atom of injustice. The Quran also states that black magic, idol worshiping is grounds for eternal punishment. My dad has been reading financial news for about 10,000 hours in his lifetime. He has lost about $500K on markets. If he invested in index funds he would have made $10M+. Despite that, he still insists markets are random and that news helps in trading. By the way, these statements are totally contradictory. He thinks the news is helping him when the people who publish the news are cheating him $1000 an hour. He looks up to reading the news the most during the day. More than even working his job that pays $100 an hour. Trading is even worse than usury. At least in usury there is an agreed interest between the parties. Instead, in trading, the satanists are cheating people in the name of “helping them”.

By the way, if you can publish false news stories to mislead 95%+ of traders. You can also give false sentiment and volume. Much less people look at volume and sentiment compared to news. In order to execute to size, the Satanists trade against climactic action and fabricate news causing capitulation of dumb money. I wanted to put another example. The psychiatrists said if I take anti-psychotics for 10 years I would become less grandiose and have a better mood. They were wrong 3,000 times in a row. Everytime I took medication I felt rage in my head. I kept feeling greater and greater. I’ve gone from seeing myself as 10 Zuckerbergs to googolplex Zuckerbergs in 10 years on the mental health system. But the psychiatrists are given 100% credibility because they have a $2 badge. The only reason I even acted like I wanted medication in the first place was cause guys threatened to torture, kill, imprison or impoverish my family. 

I also wanted to go through the statistics. I noticed my anger levels were highly correlated to the concentrations of mood stabilizers in my bloodstream. Honestly, the track record of the psychiatrists is like getting all questions wrong on the SAT’s 20 times in a row. Not to mention they kept making issues of me believing in black magic, judgement day, angels, predestination, curses, signs. According to the Quran these are fundamental beliefs of Islam. This is a violation of my first amendment rights. Which brings to attention my case when I was 12 years old. I was arrested and charged with 10 felonies including capital crime for saying the United States is violating my first amendment right. By the way, you will notice my threatening emails took off after you guys put me back on medication after a 2 year hiatus around Bilderberg 2015. The medication angered me into writing threatening emails. But the psychiatrists claimed it was necessary to prevent me from writing threatening emails. 

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