Striking back trillions of times stronger…


After the Innocence of Muslims drama, it was evident that I can strike back thousands of times stronger on my enemies. After the 2017 Hurricanes, it was evident I can strike back on my enemies millions of times stronger. After the release of the virus, it was evident I can strike back on my enemies billions of times stronger. After the recent release of the solar flares, it is evident I can strike back trillions of times stronger on my enemies. I don’t think people seem to realize how large large numbers are. A trillion means a million millions. Most people have problems conceptualizing very large numbers. A trillion is roughly the amount of seconds in 32000 years. Numerous Quran and Hadith verses testify to the fact that Allah is infinite of Satan.

My powers are going up at an accelerating pace. Yet at the same time it appears the enemies are getting more and more wicked. They keep mocking Allah, righteous and oppressed hundreds of times each day. The Quran describes Hellfire as eternal torment and suffering. One thing to note about the recent solar flares that have caused Earth’s temperature to surge to 100000+ year highs, it was predestined before I was born. It takes over 100000+ years for energy to get from the core of the Sun to the surface. The Quran says our lives are completely predestined before we are born and even before the Universe is formed.

Anyways, I think I live the luckiest life ever. Bill Gates lives the unluckiest life ever. Bill Gates is going through greater the pride, greater the fall. He is going to be given bottom status in Hellfire. He thinks he can beat Allah when Allah determines every action, thought and perception he has before he is born. The Quran states the liability of Hellfire is beyond Earth weight gold. That is quadrillions times the size of the global economy. To put it into perspective quadrillion is billion millions. In contrast, I get a top status in Paradise. Anyways, I feel so lucky to be me. There is absolutely nothing the enemies can do.

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