Team crescent mobilizing…


The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are the two ruling satanic bloodlines. Basically, the aliens told them in 2011 that they can not harm my bone or flesh. If they were to do that, aliens would instantly turn hostile and enforce my rule. That protection is also extended to my family. So far they have tortured me thousands of times, imprisoned me for 3 years, stolen over 10 trillion dollars from me and used extensive black magic. They do extensive mocking, humiliation and insults. They invent very crude lies about me. The aliens have responded by prematurely killing over 300 Rothschilds and Rockefellers. The rest have been cursed with terminal illnesses. The aliens have aged satanists by over 20 years causing in excess of 500 trillion actuarial damage. They have done over 50 trillion damage on the public. Basically the satanists are hiding like cowards. Even though they have imprisoned me 7 times and filed 4 criminal cases against me. They act like they are not involved. The sun is right now taking down satellites at a record pace because the satanists keep surging black magic. There is another very large corona surge building up too.

I will explain the Ritika case. Basically I was trying to get her to resist worshiping the devil. I was offering her eternal bliss while the devil was offering her eternal punishment. I never violated her free will. I never stole from her, tortured her, humiliated her, imprisoned her, used black magic on her. The case was an absolute insult to Allah and was built on very sick lies against Allah. The intention of the case was to prevent righteous people from reaching Allah. There were numerous magical signs. There is a movie called Green Mile where a black man with magical powers is executed for allegedly killing and raping young girls. The truth is he was actually trying to save them. Anyways the actor died on September 3, 2012 in Los Angeles. That was the day Bill Gates ordered my torture, imprisonment and humiliation in Los Angeles for refusing to marry his daughter. Anyways I wanted to point out that the enemies take pride in being cowards. They have been showing weakness the whole fucking time. Anyways the satanists are getting more wicked at an accelerating pace. Googolplex crucifixions is not enough. Judgement day is imminent.

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