The cowards are getting more cowardly…


So basically the Satanists used to love putting mocking, insulting and threatening things onto my Facebook since 2012. I decided to stop using Facebook newsfeed since then. Now recently they have been adding me to prayer groups and having Africans send threatening, mocking and insulting things to my iPad and iMac. Now they are running away. They hide like cowards cause they are scared I can overpower them.

I have started a new prayer routine. I read through the 13 biggest insults I got from Justin Le Blanc(a fool who is their frontman). I pray for 12 minutes, then spend 3 minutes reading through insults or do other things. I repeat this cycle 20 times a day. Reading through the insults motivates me to pray more and be more religious. Justin Le Blanc was sent to discourage me the most, instead he motivated me the most. Justin Le Blanc likes to resort to barrage of insults, sick lies and contacting parents when he is wrong.

This Justin Le Blanc guy is a dumbass. I revealed to him I got a 99.9%+ percentile score on Physical Sciences MCAT 6 years early. I also revealed I took Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations at an age younger than 99.9%+ of students. Based on that information he extrapolated I am “very poor” at math and unable to pass AP Calculus. He is a total joke. I am going through the stats on my Dukascopy Contest. It is like scoring 300 IQ on a 550+ day IQ test. The success rate is like winning the lottery jackpot 100 times in a row. He calls that “inconsistent” and “poor”. He was dead bearish Tesla at start of year. Trade goes against him 10,000 pips and ignores that. (This isn’t the first time he did this). Then focuses on when a trade goes 100 pips against me.

I showed him that UCLA was ranked #6 Biochemistry, #10 Math and #9 Globally. From that he extrapolated it is at best #25 ranked. One more thing about this Justin Le Blanc character, he doubts I am prophet because I am persecuted and rejected. Furthermore he claims USA authorities are righteous. This completely goes against scripture stating that authority is in wicked hands at End Times and prophets are persecuted and rejected. Furthermore, he keeps focusing on my Ritika case when I didn’t even do a man day of damage or violate anyone’s free will. He ignores the fact his boss, the Devil, is doing billions of man years of damage.

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